Capture Your Story in a Case Bound Book


Our New Case Binding System

Not only is storytelling a great marketing strategy, it is also a nostalgic connection with print in book form. Even as technology moves us toward the diminution of traditional print, it is still unlikely to find most parents reading their nightly bedtime story from an e-reader device. So also thrives the memories of generation X, the current leaders of most businesses today, to the media of the hard cover story-book. Case binding, the most common type of bookbinding for hardcover books, is a method in which pages of a book block are stitched together and a hard cover case is attached. As one of the only digital case binders in the New York City area, GSB Digital is daily producing uniquely personalized professional presentations and memorable keepsakes in case bound form.

Case Binding is an Art

The art of bookbinding extends all the way back to the first century, when religious manuscripts that were being scribed on sheepskins began appearing in bound volumes. With the arrival of Gutenberg’s printing press in 1447, the demand for binding led to more automated binding systems, although, by modern standards, these methods would hardly qualify as automated at all. Binding was still very much a craft, with each book being constructed by hand. Fast forward to 1868, David McConnell Smyth patented one of the first sewing machines designed specifically for bookbinding. Over the next three decades, Smyth also went on to develop machines for gluing, trimming, case making, and case binding. Many of his machines are still in use today.
Similar to a Smyth binder, GSB Digital owns technology that captures the art of traditional case binding. However, even with advancements in technology, each book produced at our facility still travels through a series of hand applications; from book block stitching and the optional addition of headbands, to the final casing-in of the hard cover to the book block.

Case Binding is not Just for Storybooks

Most likely the immediate image that comes to mind when talking about case binding is a hard cover storybook or novel. Yet, case bound books are ever present in many applications. Regardless of the industry, every business needs to market and sell their products or services. Branded case bound presentations make a leave behind, which speaks volumes about an organization’s high standards and professional approach. Real estate brokers who spend considerable time and funds to create beautiful offering memorandums of available properties can use a case bound portfolio to enhance their offerings and reputation. Financial institutions can present their performance to shareholders, executives, and prospects in a format that will be preserved indefinitely. Non-profits, who host upscale annual event galas to raise money from loyal affluent donors can honor these key benefactors with a book as memorable keepsake that stands in complement to the event itself. Moreover, both the professional and amateur photographers have the ability to showcase their work within a hardcover memory book that will last a lifetime and tell the story of their brand.

Small Batch Case Binding is Possible

Due to the digital process in which the books are created, case binding at GSB Digital is attainable even in micro quantities. Minimum runs are obsolete and turn-around times are a fraction of those compared to traditional book publishers. Most sizes and page counts can be accommodated and with the combination of variable data technology, each book can even be uniquely personalized on demand.

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