Take a Page From Our Book

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Take A Page From Our Book

Is your business looking to provide a quality case binding book production service to its customers? GSB Digital is your perfect partner.
• Are you a print shop with limited bookbinding capabilities?
• Are you a digital or web printer with project requests that your equipment can’t accommodate due to quantity?
• Are you a small publishing company looking for a reliable book printing resource?
• Are you a graphic designer or ad agency with clients in need of high quality printed portfolios, presentations, or show-books?
GSB Digital’s new case binding system makes hard-cover books quicker and easier than ever before. Our ability to produce short-runs, on-site, means we can meet quick deadlines without compromising quality results.
From luxury fabrics and foil stamped leathers to variable digitally-printed covers, we can case bind anything from personalized journals to special edition coffee-table books. GSB Digital is always striving to bring the best to our customers, which is why we hope to partner with you in creating beautiful hard-cover presentations.

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