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Expand Your Horizons with Landscape Saddle Stitching

New Saddle Stitch Technology Opens Doors for Wider Formats Introducing Our New Duplo DSC-10/60i Landscape Saddle Stitching Technology! With the help of advances in digital print technology, we are expanding the width of our in-house booklet projects from 11" to 24". Now landscape booklets can be produced on our expanded B2 sheet size through the ...

MyPostcard Comes to the USA

MyPostcard Goes USA Now, with the touch of your finger, you can turn your digital photos into memorable postcards and greeting cards. GSB Digital is proud to have been selected as the USA partner for How did MyPostcard find GSB Digital? When MyPostcard founder Oliver Kray came to the USA searching for a reputable ...

Manhattan Client Services and Litigation Support Center Move

Just a Hop, Skip, & a Jump.... Our Client Services and Litigation Support Center Has Moved But we Didn't Go Far! GSB Digital's Client Services and Litigation Support Center was established to bring convenience to our valued clients in the midtown Manhattan area. Our new location across the street will continue to serve our customers in ...

GSB Digital Wins!

GSB Digital Receives Two Inaugural HP Inkspiration Awards Dscoop, the largest digital printing cooperative in the graphics industry, partnered with HP to recognize innovative print work in the first ever HP Inkspiration Awards. GSB Digital took home two first place awards in corresponding categories. These awards were presented at Dscoop San Antonio in April, 2016. ...

Show us your #PrintWithAttitude

Printed media surrounds us everyday evoking us to covey an emotional response to whatever message is being relayed. Whether it’s a self-designed communication, an interesting application, or an advertisement you relate to or support, print captures an emotion. Show us how you feel about the printed pieces surrounding your life. Show us your Print With ...

Capture Your Story in a Case Bound Book

Our New Case Binding System Not only is storytelling a great marketing strategy, it is also a nostalgic connection with print in book form. Even as technology moves us toward the diminution of traditional print, it is still unlikely to find most parents reading their nightly bedtime story from an e-reader device. So also thrives ...

Zund: Gives Shape to Short-run Digital Projects

GSB Digital continues to grow its production line up with the addition of a Zund G3 digital cutter. This machine’s innovative technology excels in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality. It’s easy to tailor the Zund cutting system to your specific project needs. Whether you want to cut, route, score, or kiss cut, ...

An Online Ordering System for the Creative Professional

At GSB Digital, nothing is more important than the relationships we have with our clients. However we also know that your time is an invaluable entity and sometimes you just need it printed! GSB Sky Portal was created to accommodate the creative professionals who are looking for the best of both worlds. As a complement ...

New Press Opens the Door for Unique Applications – HP Indigo 7600

GSB Digital’s new press is shaking up the industry’s idea of what can be achieved in affordable, short-run print projects. GSB Digital has always been rooted in HP technology, but the addition of our new HP Indigo7600 press this past October opened the door for our clients to explore new impactful tactile and visual effects ...

When the Middle Matters!

Middle Layer Inserts: a Sweet Addition to Print Add an extra pop of color to your projects with Middle Layer Inserts. Available as part of the Mohawk Superfine Family in either black or red. This heavy weight product has been very popular for coasters and high end invitations. Bringing a touch of color with middle ...

GSB Digital Bulks Up (again) with Heavy Weight Stocks

Check Out our new Heavy Weight Line. Create short run print in bulk. New technology has allowed GSB Digital to exclusively bring 32, 48, & 64 point stock to the digital market place. Now get the paper thickness you desire without going offset. Traditional offset printing on heavyweight stocks required lots of time and money ...