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Print is Powerful

One of the most powerful ways that print can be utilized is in personalized marketing to potential new clients. Everyone (especially millenials) know that e-mails can be customized at a push of a button, but print tells a different story. Here’s some basic tips to help you start connecting with your target audience through Direct Mail Marketing:
1. Design with the end product in mind
Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a project just to realize that major changes to the size, formatting, or design are needed. Extra changes add time and potentially additional costs! As you design your project, be thinking of these three questions:
  1. How much will this cost to send?
    Is your piece square, oversized, or an irregular shape? This could add additional shipping expenses.
  2. How will this piece print?
    Does your piece require die-cutting, or is it being printed digitally? See our File Preparation page to make sure your project is a success.
  3. What is my timeline?
    Don’t design in a rush- plan ahead of time with your printer to ensure an on-time delivery.
2. Get to know the USPS
Do you know all of the different services that the USPS offers businesses? Take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail, Click-N-Ship, and more through the USPS. Ask your local post office to help plan your project’s shipments for optimal results.
3. Use Variable Data Printing
Customization is key when attracting new customers (and sparking the interest of return customers). Using Variable Data printing is the simplest way to make sure each promotional piece engaged your audience and a meaningful and personal way.
4. Communicate
Don’t overload your audience with useless information. Too much text or images in your design can distract your customers from understanding the message you’re trying to get across.
Make sure your message is clear, understandable, and promotes your brand.
5. Integrate your digital marketing with your print
To measure the success of your campaign it is best to integrate your printed message with an online presence. Include a custom landing page in your printed message, then use Google Analytics to measure traffic and conversions. Hashtags are also a great way for your customers to engage with print and promote your campaign!
6. Learn from your mistakes
When everything is all said and done it’s always best to reflect on what went well, and what needs to be changed for your next direct mail marketing project. By creating short-run campaigns with Digital Printing you can engage new audiences without the risk of a long-term commitment. Each direct mail campaign will unveil something new about your audience that will help your brand grow.
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