New Press Opens the Door for Unique Applications – HP Indigo 7600

GSB Digital’s new press is shaking up the industry’s idea of what can be achieved in affordable, short-run print projects.
GSB Digital has always been rooted in HP technology, but the addition of our new HP Indigo7600 press this past October opened the door for our clients to explore new impactful tactile and visual effects within the digital printing
spectrum. Already known for its exceptional print quality, the Indigo7600 is also the fastest 13”x19” digital sheet-fed press in the market, thus solidifying our clients needs for beautifully produced projects with short turn around times.
This combination of quality and versatility is only amplified by the new special effect capabilities of the press, which includes dimensional print, digital spot application, and textured effects.

“GSB recognizes that our clients are daily challenging us to produce not only quality projects but ones that offer outstanding differentiation. This led us to purchase our new 7600 press,” says Stephan Steiner, President.

Charting new territory, the special effects capabilities of the Indigo7600 are inline production processes created on press that enable GSB Digital to offer more affordable high-end finishing applications to digital short-run print projects. Additionally, these effects are faster in comparison to offline laborious conventional methods. Whether printing personalized marketing flyers, seasonal signage, or vibrant case bound books, GSB Digital’s ability to produce
these new special effects open opportunities for unique applications.

GSB Digital Digital Printing Embossing Effect Special Effect
Dimensional Print
Dimensional print is a raised ink process that is created by
layers of clear ink applied directly to a printed or unprinted
substrate. This constructed layer of depth isn’t just for
raised letters and symbols, it can also be used to add
realistic textures to parts of images, such as the dimples of
an orange peel, the scales of a crocodile’s skin or the
threads of canvas. Dimensional print effects allow creative
professionals to simulate everything from subtle dimensions
that are first noticed only when you brush your fingers
across the page, to more noticeable light catching elements
of tactile design.

Couple's Wedding Announcement Featuring Raised Ink Digital Printing Technology
Textured Effects
Textured effects create embossed or debossed-style
textures on substrates that give ordinary applications a
boost of creativity and uniqueness. By building up layers of
raised ink on underlay sheets of the impression cylinder,
substrates can be molded across this cylinder, to simulate a
die like embossing effect. Though not as prevalent as metal
die embossing, the molded textured effect is again
preformed inline with the press, resulting in shorter
turnaround times at lower finishing costs.
GSB Digital Spot UV Coating Digital Printing
Digital Spot Applications
Similar to dimensional print, digital spot applications use a
layer of clear ink to highlight specific printed areas. This
effect is comparable to conventional UV or spot varnishing
but being a part of an inline digital process, allows for
smaller quantities and variable imaging.
White Ink
Although not new to GSB Digital’s list of offerings, the
Indigo7600 also has the ability to print with white ink on a
wide variety of media including transparencies, colored
stocks, and metallic substrates. Used as a footprint to
support full color images or alone for stunning contrasting
white on black designs, this effect gives creative professionals
unmatched results for premium digital projects.

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