Client Spotlight: Mr. Boddington’s Studio Social Stationery


Mr. Boddington’s Studio Social Stationery

Mr. Boddington’s Studio has been creating beautiful, custom social stationery with GSB Digital since 2011. Based here in NYC, Mr. Boddington’s Studio uses inspiration from overseas travels, old world charm, and everyday events to design fun, imaginative pieces that their fans have grown to love. Thanks to creator Rebecca S. Ruebensaal and director Whitney Reeder, Mr. Boddington’s Studio has transformed from a small operation into an innovative team of dedicated professionals; all with the help of eye-catching designs and digital printing. Over the years Mr. Boddington has expanded their reach past their Brooklyn roots; now they service clients from all over the world and can be found in retail stores all over the country.
Mr. Boddington’s Greeting cards, wrapping paper, notebooks, and much more are all created using high-quality digital printing here in our Long Island City production facility. We have created thousands of their signature pieces using our HP Indigo 7600 and 12000 Digital Printing presses, and all trimming and finishing is done in-house. Mr. Boddington’s Studio also takes advantage of our SkyPortal ordering system- making reordering common products a breeze. Advancements in our digital printing technology has allowed their organization to expand the range of products that they offer- making them a more competitive force.  This creative and innovative  company is one of NYC’s fastest growing social stationery brands, and we are always proud to showcase their beautiful work.
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