After a thorough analysis of the print technology market, GSB Digital selected HP as its preferred partner. Offering an enormous range of high-value applications, unparalleled levels of crisp detail, innovative ink processes and special effects, HP leads the digital print technology industry. Our partnership with HP and our carefully designed and tailored suite of HP technologies allows us to offer the newest innovations in print marketing to our clients.

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Why We Prefer HP  

HP Indigo’s liquid ink processes have made HP the standard in the market, reproducing the highest print quality, without the wait. Where in offset printing, the finished product emerges wet and needs time to dry; HP Indigo digital press features allow printed sheets to emerge dry, eliminating waiting time. “Across the industry, HP Indigo replicates the pinnacle of digital printing,” says Stephan Steiner.
Additionally, HP Indigo digital presses offer all the environmental benefits of print on-demand. Short- to mid-run printing capabilities allow for smaller print inventories and fewer wasted sheets. HP is committed to drive down the levels of energy and consumables required to produce every print. Recycling, recovery and reuse programs both for consumables and hardware are continuously being developed and expanded.

HP ElectroInks

HP Indigo ElectroInks are unique liquid inks that combine the advantages of digital printing with the qualities of liquid ink. ElectroInks capture a wide and accurate color range, producing sharp images with smooth transitions that surpass the quality achieved by competing digital printing technologies.
Advantages of ElectroInk:
Color Consistency

According to both independent and industry testing, HP Indigo presses have the highest color performance, with the lowest color variation and the highest matching of spot colors.


In independent and industry testing, photographic images printed with HP Indigo ElectroInks are archival for up to 200 years in album/dark storage, and last over 54 years without fading or color change.

Over 3,500 Approved Substrates/Media

ElectroInks may be used with the industry’s widest range of substrates for high-end digital color printing—from standard papers, to transparencies, labels, and plastic substrates.

Additional Information about ElectroInk:

Environmental MSDS Information
HP Indigo ElectroInk FAQ Brochure

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