Digital Decor Solutions

Don’t Limit Your Creativity

Now GSB Digital has brought a whole new realm of possibilities to the design world through digital print. No longer are designers bound to the limitations that come with wallpaper and paint. Whether it be small window display for your business, or a large wall covering for your home, let us show you how much digital print can do on your next design project.

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A Tool that will Transform Your Space

Today, decorative design can touch virtually everything and everyone. When you can digitize, mass customize, and even individualize a space, you can differentiate your business. GSB Digital has partnered with HP’s portfolio of technologies to help you take full advantage of the interior digital decor opportunity with our wall art rendering tool.
How It Works
1. Access the Tool on Our Platform
2. Start your project

Create and visualize the your design with a simulation for either wall coverings, canvas prints, posters or wall decals.

3. Manage your orders

Manage your project efficiently with our automatic print-ready PDF file generator and place an order. We will soon be in touch to review it with you!

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