Paper Discovery


Reliable Discovery Services

Reliably processed paper documents can be instrumental in winning a case, which is why we strive to provide the highest quality data discovery in a timely manner. Our reproduction staff has over 25 years of experience in providing paper discovery litigation services to nearly every top law firm in New York City. GSB Digital was built on the scanning and organizing of paper documents, and today we still execute these same vital services.
Our services include:
•File Naming
•Bates Numbering
•Trial Exhibits
•Call for pick up 24/7

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Case Studies

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9th Circuit Perfect Bound Solution
CHALLENGE: Reply briefs must be produced and submitted with gray covers aso as to comply with the local rules of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Additionally, Section-34 regulations on paper type, font size, and length of such briefs, lead a client to seek out perfect binding and color paper options, not commonly available at a local repro/copy center.
SOLUTION: In addition to our centrally located reprographic center in Manhattan, GSB Digital also operates a premier digital color and large format division in Long Island City. This division is equipped in all areas of high-end printing and bindery, enabling us to easily accommodate this type of project.
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Custom Tabs
CHALLENGE: Despite GSB Digital’s 600+ generic and exhibit tabs on hand, sometimes manila #76 isn’t going to cut it.
SOLUTION: Whether it’s a title with 29 letters or full custom branded graphics, GSB Digital can produce your custom printed tabs, dividers, pockets, and additional organizational solutions to bring your binders to the next level of expertise.
  • No minimum quantity
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Custom tailored to meet your needs
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Crush Resistant Folders
CHALLENGE: Standard 1/2-inch presentation folders lose their luster when they have failed to hold up to the weight of storage, time, or transport
SOLUTION: GSB Digital offers a crush resistant 1/2-pocket folder that is double the thickness of the flimsy alternative, allowing you to have the confidence that your presentation will always be in good shape.
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Quality Control
We at GSB Digital are experts in keeping your information secure. Our many years of experience in data-collecting has proven us to be a trustworthy partner in the data-discovery process. Each case is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) to assure quality throughout the entirety of project. Our dedicated, competent, professional reproduction staff bring their years of expertise to assignment, so once the job is in our hands you no longer have to worry.

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