Zund: Gives Shape to Short-run Digital Projects

GSB Digital continues to grow its production line up with the addition of a Zund G3 digital cutter. This machine’s innovative technology excels in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality.
It’s easy to tailor the Zund cutting system to your specific project needs. Whether you want to cut, route, score, or kiss cut, the Zund’s multifunctional robotic system will delivery with precision results. Used for signage, intricate lettering, tradeshow exhibits, or complex 3D displays; this non-traditional cutter works without the use of a metal cast die allowing for production runs from as little as one piece to several thousands.
Looking for a solution that is perfectly tailored to your packaging projects? Look no further… Every Zund has been industry-proven for all commonly used packaging materials. Create a prototype before you invest in that large-scale project. Customize your office with personalized acrylic signage or design abstract shaped promotional materials for a small run job.

“The graphic industry is always looking for innovated ways to display, promote or sell their products. Now with our new Zund the possibilities to do just that are endless,” says Stephan Steiner, President.

Whether on vinyl, cardboard, polypropylene, acrylic, or foamcore, the Zund delivers uncompromising, professional quality that will convert your ideas into products that make an impression. Contact us today for more information

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