School Hallway with COVID19 Signage

Academic COVID19 Signage & Supplies for Reopening

Signage & Supplies For Returning To In-classroom Learning

Are you contemplating the next steps needed to reopen in-classroom learning in a safe way? This action plan outlines the process of transforming your campus into a safe environment for students and staff, whether they return full time or only a few days a week.

Action Plan For Reopening Start of Fall Semester

1. Collect Your Floor Plans and Send Them To Us For Review

– Be thorough the more detail you can share the better. Share every floor of every building needed on your campus or schools within your district. (PDFs are preferred)

– Submit these floor plans to us using FTP upload link. Please label your files with your campus or district name.

2. Estimate Generation and Recommendation

– GSB Digital’s Team of professionals will review your plans and package an outline of needed materials to fit your location. You will work with a dedicated Account Manager to establish a rough budget for needed supplies.

3. Site Survey

– An on-campus site survey is conducted to communicate and explain our products/quality. The survey is an overview to address areas not well identified in the provided floor plan or any unique measurements at the location.

4. Estimate Revisions and Submission of PO, Logos and Branding

– Fine-tuning of the estimate after completed site survey. Purchase order must be issued at this step to continue.

– Submission of all university or district branding, colors, logo, etc

5. Creation of Art Files and PDF Proofing

6. Printing of All Materials

7. Installation

– Timeline for this process may take upwards of 4 weeks. Please contact us today to have installations completed before the start of the fall semester.

– Internal facilities maintenance and/or janitorial staff will be utilized during installation to keep cost down.

Please use the link below to download a PDF version of this Action Plan.


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