Manhattan Client Services and Litigation Support Center Move

Just a Hop, Skip, & a Jump….

Our Client Services and Litigation Support Center Has Moved, but We Didn’t Go Far!

GSB Digital’s Client Services and Litigation Support Center was established to bring convenience to our valued clients in the midtown Manhattan area. Our new location across the street will continue to serve our customers in the same friendly and professional manner as before.

All our contact numbers will remain the same:

Main:  212.684.3600
Fax:    212.684.3613
Litigation Support:  212.500.6503
Reception (Mike C.) 212.500.6488

Please note we have only moved our Clients Services & Litigation Support Center. Our Production Facility & Sales Headquarters will remain in Long Island City, NY.[

Our new address:
28 East 28th Street
Concourse Level
New York, NY 10016

Our New Location Is Just Across The Street!

How close are we? Here are some units to measure it by:

  • 2 minutes by walking
  • 422 feet away
  • 0.09 of a mile
  • 229 sheets of tabloid-sized paper laid end to end.
  • 165 yards
  • Only 69% of the height of the New York life Building*.