Traditional Letterpress Printing

What’s Old is New Again

Letterpress printing mimics one of the oldest printing methods in history. Its uniquely crisp imprint, is highly sought after due to is precision and classical charm. At GSB Digital, we embrace the craftsmanship of this method and push the possibilities to create new and exciting results.

Create Thoughtfully Crafted Corporate & Social Stationery Items.

  • Wedding Invitations & Save The Dates
  • Special Event & Restaurant Coasters
  • Greeting Cards & Holiday Cards
  • Wine Stem Tags


  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Retail Tags
  • Bottle Toppers
  • Short-Run Packaging
  • Personal Stationery & Note Cards
  • Corporate Event Invitations
  • Thank You Cards

Timeless and Traditional

Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing in the world. The uniquely crisp impression of Letterpress is highly sought after due to its precision and old-world charm. We continue to push the possibilities of this printing method to create new and exciting results.

One color black letterpress card printed at GSB Digital

Designing for Letterpress

What you need to know.

Width of lines (stroke):  Please keep your lines at .25 point (or .003”) or thicker.

No type smaller than 6 points:  Whereas letterpress excels at handling most fonts, type smaller than 6 point is not recommended.

Number of color (inks):  Letterpress prints 1 color at a time and traditionally uses 1 or 2 spot colors. Cost increases with each additional ink.

Screens & Tints:  Letterpress excels at printing colors at 100% and does not produce tints well. If you’d like to incorporate a lighter color, we suggest you use a second lighter ink color instead of a screen.

Envelopes:  We can letterpress print envelopes however, the bruising or imprint of the plate impression may show through based on your placement or weight of paper selected.

Light Ink on Dark Paper:  Because letterpress inks are somewhat translucent, letterpress printing works best with dark inks on lighter papers. If you want to use light inks on dark paper we may recommend our engraving or foil stamping options which are better suited for this design application.

Large solids ( larger than ½”): With letterpress, the paper tends to show through large solids, creating a slightly textured look. If you have a large solid and thin text in the same color, we may need to print the solid areas in a separate pass, to give the text a good deep impression and proper inking. Extra press passes increase the cost of printing just like an additional color. Large solid areas can also cause buckling of the paper, especially when used on thinner paper stock.

Print Pricing Considerations

and other production notes to mention…

Pricing for letterpress printing is based on final quantity, paper type and the number of processes and machines that will be used in creating the order. More elaborate and custom print specs cost considerably more than standard orders, so it’s important to get your quote before proceeding.

Production time varies with order complexity and our seasonal workload but our elastic schedule allows for rush prints when required, though rush charges apply. Turnaround time is calculated from the date of PDF proof approval. If your printing project has a hard due-date please let us know when making your request.