Digital Embellishments

Capture The Value of Touch

As the first print provider in New York to offer Scodix embellishment technology, we are excited to enable our clients to capture more value by adding digital spot, digital foil, and raised texture applications to their print project.

Some Of Our Favorite Digital Embellishment Projects

Digital Embellishment Types

  • Ultra Sense: From 50 to 100+ microns of height, this digital enhancement process uses a clear layer on top of your prints to highlight or mimic the texture of your printed image. Use this technique with Ultra Sense Plus or Ultra Pro for even more dimensional effect.
    • Benefits
      • Adds tactile element
      • High-quality gloss effect
      • Digital process
      • Can be used with variable data
      • Produced in-house
  • Ultra Spot: Want a spot gloss look without all the height? Ultra Spot applications simulate the traditional look of a UV spot with the flexibility of a digital process.
    • Benefits
      • Digitally recreates the flat varnish look and feel
      • No time-consuming or costly setup
      • Increases digital gamut by enhancing printed colors
  • Ultra Foil: Ditch the metal die and apply foil digitally. Changed your mind on the design? No problem. Ultra Foil is the perfect method for producing comps, short-run projects, and even personalized variable foil applications.
    • Benefits
      • No plates or make-ready needed
      • Digital process
      • Allows for variable applications

Your Digital Embellishment Partner

When trying  to succeed in an industry that demands innovation and differentiation, our digital embellishments offer a solution to your design challenges, that enables an increased response rate and a more memorable experience. It is scientifically proven! Read more about that here.

On either a printed on non printed sheet, our digital embellishments are added by applying a polymer-based clear coating to the areas that are being enhanced. This base can be used alone to create a spot, raised or textured effect or with our foil application to add an additional touch of elegance to your prints.  For best practices when using our digital embellishments, download our Technical Guide for more information.

Illustration of how the Scodix polymer and foil system work as part of GSB Digital’s offering of Digital Embellishments.





Setting up the artwork for our digital embellishments are straightforward. You can continue to prepare artwork in your preferred design software. All you need is an additional separation for all the areas that you would like to enhance on your artwork. Download our File Set Up Tips for more information.

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GSB’s Digital Embellishment services are beautifully executed by our experienced team. Providing print finishing services for over 30 years, GSB is ready to provide you with high quality products on short deadlines.