What is PrintWISE?

PrintWISE is an ongoing series of educational and fun events that GSB Digital offers to creatives and print buyers in the New York City market place. These events serve to enlighten our current and prospective clients through educational content on the capabilities and diversity of media, print applications, embellishments, and technologies used to distinguish digital print today.

Our Past Events

BRING YOUR FILES - March 29, 2023

A Showcase of designers, creatives and print buyers in New York City

BRING YOUR FILES is geared towards designers and creative professionals who want to learn more about the applications and capabilities of digital printing. This includes the benefits of digital technologies, like personalization and sustainability, as well as digital embellishments such as white ink, raised effects and digital foil. Guests were encouraged to submit a design file prior to the event to have printed. Additionally, guests participated in a brief presentation on digital print technologies and designer trends and were encouraged to take a guided plant tour of our facility for demonstrations of various printing equipment. Over 50 designers were in attendance.

This event was made possible with the help of our sponsors.

Resilient & Ready - December 1, 2022

Client-focused approaches to support print continuity

This PrintWISE event was geared toward creative professionals in hopes to form resilient print partnerships based on client-focused approaches. These included: agility, integrated technology and sustainable resources. GSB Digital has found strength in economic adversity and wants to share how we have utilized trends and technology to overcome supply-chain issues, lack of technical knowledge and other business pressures. This event discussed how our business approaches and shared goals are used to create value for brands.

This event was made possible with the help of our sponsors.

Crossover Print Applications – August 22, 2019

Changes in the marketplace are pushing creatives to tap into the benefits of digital technologies, (things like personalization and sustainability), while retaining familiar luxury achieved through traditional print methods (foil and embossing).  However, because print providers historically only serviced traditional or digital methods exclusively, combination applications are not always first of mind with creatives. This past August at PrintWISE, our goal was to change that method of thinking and highlight the seamlessness and elegance of crossover print applications; utilizing traditional and digital methods in tandem.

Packaging on display
Guests mingling in the GSB space
Guests observing Indigo printer during tour
Guests discussing packaging
Marketing director Jessica Andersen presenting

Digital Packaging and Dimensional Displays – August 23, 2018

Digital printing has transformed the industry with short-run solutions that are tailored to a demographic, region or even an individual. Additionally, brands are utilizing digital processes for dimensional displays like shelf talkers and countertop cases to attract more attention in an ever-changing market.

Focused on reducing time to market, GSB Digital showcased our innovative digital printing, luxury digital embellishments and finishing processes perfect for pitching comps to retailers, creating prototypes or for creating short run local distributions. These digital print technologies paired with the finest substrates and laminations, leave an impression with consumers and open up a wealth of new applications to brands, converters and designers alike. We were honored to feature Vicki Strull, Design Strategist and Brand Visionary as a guest speaker, revealing how digital print and packaging is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands.

PrintWISE Guest Tour
PrintWISE Keynote
PrintWISE Guests
PrintWISE Samples
PrintWISE Scodix Samples

This event was made possible with the help of our sponsors.

Responding To Digital Embellishments – February 1, 2018

The way that we understand and interpret the world has a lot to do with our physical interactions. A firm handshake, a high five, the gentle caress of someone’s hair… these interactions leave impressions on how we relate to people and other objects. Similarly, scientific studies have connected our sense of touch with a sense of ownership that in return creates more value and influences our decision-making. Knowing these things, GSB Digital has invested in new technology that helps our clients add more value to their printed pieces by adding tactile embellishments.

As the first print provider in New York to offer Scodix embellishments, we were excited to enable our clients to capture more value by adding digital spot, digital foil, and raised texture applications to their print project. 


Print Inaugural Event – Do More With B2 – August 24, 2017

Come and see how you can do more on our new HP Indigo 12000 which features the largest press sheet size (B2) currently in the digital marketplace! With its 29 inch format the 12000 press makes it possible, for the first time, to digitally print almost any product including: pocket folders, six page brochures, lay-flat landscape books and posters. PrintWISE is a mix and mingle cocktail affair which will feature our honored guest speaker, Stephanie Hill from HP, who will enlighten us on all the new capabilities of the HP Indigo 12000. You are encouraged to take a guided plant tour of our facility. Demonstrations of various equipment will take place during these tours and guest will leave with samples made on demand.

GSB Digital is 1 of only 2 printers in New York with an HP Indigo 12000 Production Press. It efficiencies and quality are certainly something to share and we are excited to enable our clients and future clients an inside look into how it works.