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Sheets vs. Pages

There can be confusion about the difference between what is a sheet of paper and what is a page. They are not the same. For example, the booklet on the right has two sheets of paper that are folded to be saddle stitched (stapled) along the fold, joining together the 2 folded sheets. This booklet contains eight pages.

The illustrations below show how the printing industry counts the number of pages in a document. If you have questions about the number of pages in your project, contact us.

GSB Digital HP Indigo Digital Printer Pages

Examples of sheets and pages


One Sheet, Two Pages

A sheet of paper has two sides. Each side is considered one page. So a single sheet of unfolded paper is two pages.


One Sheet Folded, Four Pages

A sheet folded in two is a four page document. Page one is the front cover, page two is the inside front, page three is the facing page, and page four is the back cover.


Two Folded Sheets, Eight Pages

Two folded sheets that are nested together are an eight page document.

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