QR Code Generation

QR Codes Generate Sales

In today’s fast paced digital world, ease and speed of connectivity is crucial. That’s why savvy professionals are embracing QR codes on their printed business cards and marketing materials. 
Gone are the days of lengthy URLs or manual data entry. QR codes streamline the connection point between you and your customers and create interactive experiences that make it fast and easy for them to engage with your and your business.
Integrate QR codes into your printed materials by uploading your print design and providing your URL. We will do the rest and before you know it, quick customer connections will transform into long-term, profitable relationships.

Some Of Our QR Code Projects

QR Codes are Ideal for

  • Business Cards
  • Immediate Portfolio Showcase
  • Direct Mailers & Brand Magazines
  • In Store Retail Displays
  • Merchandise signage
  • Requests for Reviews
  • Sending to appointment schedulers
  • Window and Wall Coverings
  • On Product Retail Tags
  • Coupons & Special Offers
  • Traffic Driving Marketing Collateral
  • Product Giveaways & Links Social Media
  • Packaging & Contests
  • Personal Stationery & Note Cards
  • Event Invitations
  • Customer Surveys
  • Product Showcasing
  • Temporary Brand Campaigns

Why You Should be Using QR Codes

  • Competitive edge & data collection: Stay ahead of the digital curve and capture market share by using QR codes to track analytics, collect data, provide excellent customer service, and integrate your consumer touch points. 
  • Connect with your consumer: QR codes effortlessly bridge the gap between print and digital marketing, instantly connecting potential customers to your website, social media, and exclusive offers.
  • Win the sale: Say goodbye to tedious URL typing to get your customers down the purchasing funnel. Take advantage of the moment when consumers are ready to spend money and buy your product. Get them to your purchase page immediately with a simple scan and win the sale!
  • Cost effective and easy: QR codes require no special paper or printing and are available in just about any print format we provide. Simply upload your design and provide a URL for your QR code and we will do the rest.
  • Display all your products: QR codes can be used to drive customers to your website for sure, but they can also be used for so much more. Showcase new products, encourage reviews, and gather valuable data for targeted marketing. The versatility of QR codes really knows no bounds at all and empowers you to captivate customers and skyrocket your brand’s visibility.
  • It’s the future: Linking customers to a website or landing page through smart scanning technology gives you a powerful position to impress brand participants and generate revenue.

QR Codes in New York

GSB’s print facility is located in New York City and is over seen by our experienced team. Providing print finishing solutions like QR codes for business cards or marketing collateral across all applications is part of the high quality products and services we provide on time and in your budget.