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GSB collaborates with innovative partners like Xanita to provide solutions for display, retail and merchandising spaces, and event setups. 

Xanita manufactures two core sustainable fiberboard products: Xanita Print and Xanita Kraft. Each board is incredibly strong yet ultra lightweight, flat packable for easy transport, made from recycled used cardboard boxes and non-toxic. Various surface finishes can be utilized with either board, including digital print ready kraft paper liners or more rigid skins, including MDF and birch plywood.

The striking results of building retail and merchandising displays, event setups and decorative installations out of Xanita board are undeniable. As a printable material useable in nearly any setting, it is beautiful, visually captivating, sustainable and very durable.

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Xanita Board is the Ideal Material for

In Store Retail Build Outs:  Xanita board is the perfect canvas for your retail buildout. For starters, enjoy cost savings due to an incredibly streamlined process of design to finished product, assembly from flat packs, safe self-setup and no painting, priming or gluing on site.

 On the design side, with its excellent direct printing capabilities, Xanita board has the ability to mimic different materials like wood, concrete, OSB and more. And due to its unique combination of ultralight weight and strength, it’s not only great for overhead applications like ceiling beams and bulkheads, but also for shelving, displays and other three dimensional load bearing needs.

 Signage & Display:  Use sustainable Xanita board for beautifully designed custom signage that informs and inspires and sets your brand apart. Xanita board is designed for large format, two-sided printing with booth UV and Latex inks on all current flatbed and hybrid printers. It works great with CNC-flatbed cutters and is available in various thicknesses, from 6mm up to custom builds, opening up all kinds of possibilities for 3D lettering, standees, store and event signage and so much more.

Retail Displays:  Elevate your brand’s visibility by using Xanita board in temporary retail and point-of-purchase displays. We can help you design an eye-catching display that is lightweight, easily assembled but also capable of bearing significant weight, much stronger than cardboard or even honeycomb board. And Xanita board’s excellent printability means your design options are nearly endless.

 Exhibition & Booth Setup:  Take it on the road! Xanita board is ideal for expos, trade shows and other exhibits because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, flat packability, ease of shipment and assembly on site. It is 75% lighter than MDF, with higher crush strength and exceptional resistance to temperature and humidity. Not only is Xanita board made from recycled kraft waste, it is VOC-free and completely recyclable when the show is over.

How Does Xanita Board Work?

Why Should I Consider Xanita Board?

Check the fine print! Many products are not nearly as  sustainable as claimed.  We can proudly say that Xanita board is a 100% sustainable solution.

This innovative material is made almost exclusively from post consumer paper waste and is recyclable as well as 100% repulpable.  Being repulpable makes a big difference because it can be put right back into the paper manufacturing stream, without any additional preparations or treatments that other so-called “recyclable” materials must go through before they can be reused.

The folks over at Zanita often joke that their product lis like shipping “air”. They can say something like that with a straight face because Zanita board weighs in at 75% lighter than an equivalent MDF sheet. The lightweight of this product is a total game changer when it comes to reducing shipping costs, ease of installation and overall design and load bearing capability when it comes to larger retail outfitting installations.

You might have to see it to believe it but it’s true: with Xanita board the hero is strength.

The unique closed-cell core design is engineering to support more than 60 tons per square meter, which results in unparallelled three dimensional load bearing completely on its own without any added support from traditional materials.

So load them up! Large heavy items like rows of liquor and wine bottles, car batteries, books and more are no challenge for the strength of Xanita board. The best part is that even with all that strength there is no loss of packing, shipping or on-site setup efficiencies.

Xanita board has no harmful chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds like formaldehyde. So there are no worries about contamination of air, water or soil that come with traditional materials like MDF which are not recyclable and often end up in a landfill.

Specifically designed for the wide format print industry, Xanita board can be printed easily on both sides and works amazingly well with just about any ink. Once printed, the board’s excellent suitability for CNC-cutting opens up even more design possibilities.

Your own creativity is truly the only limit with Xanita board’s unique combination of design characteristics that allow it to imitate concrete, woodgrain, OSB and other materials in a myriad of applications like shelving, decorative acoustic baffles, overhead signage and more.

And last but certainly not least, Xanita board offers all of this in an ultra-convenient, flat-packable format. From ease of shipment and assembly to simple breakdown for reuse, storage or recycling, flat packing will get your visually striking display wherever you need it, whether that’s a trade show, expo or your 1-1000+ different retail locations.

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