Print Thermography

Thermography uses slow drying offset printing ink combined with a powdered resin, usually clear, to create a raised effect that is similar to engraving, however, there will be no bruising as with engraving. While the ink is still wet, the print pieces are dusted with the resin, then baked to cure it to its final raised form.

This classic method is used for a variety of applications, including business cards, corporate stationary, packaging, invitations, notecards, and many more. It’s a cost-effective alternative to engraving or embossing that is just as appealing and that adds a refined touch to any print piece.

Some Of Our Favorite Print Thermography Projects

Our Print Thermography Is Ideal for

  • Wedding Invitations & Save The Dates
  • Special Event & Restaurant Coasters
  • Greeting Cards & Holiday Cards
  • Wine Stem Tags
  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Retail Tags
  • Bottle Toppers
  • Short-Run Packaging
  • Personal Stationery & Note Cards
  • Corporate Event Invitations
  • Thank You Cards

Print Thermography Tech & Specs

  • Smooth unlike engraving there will be no bruising
  • Caution printing large areas as they will look odd and bumpy in an off-putting way
  • Recommended Stock: Wide variety of stock

Your Perfect Print Thermography Partner

Thermography is wonderful alternative to engraving providing a similar “raised” effect at a lower cost. It involves a process which applies a clear resin to the ink which then heated and then cooled forming a raised texture in the desired pattern.

  • Cost-effectiveness for large runs
  • Plenty of variety in stock types and finishes
  • Availability of specialized inks such as metallic
  • Highly accurate color reproduction
  • Compatibility with PMS (Pantone Matching System) color

GSB delivers direct across the Tri-state area.

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