SEG - Silicone Edge Graphics

SEG’s are being used in many diverse settings because they are a convenient, yet beautifully vibrant way to display large show stopping graphics. Composed of a soft fabric material, printed and finished by stretching it taught across a pre built frame, SEG signage is found in the most popular brand retail locations, at trade show displays, and in-building or corporate lobby exhibits. Absolutely eye catching, SEG has become an industry go-to for a premium look and  presentation.

Some Of Our Favorite SEG Projects

Our SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) Are Ideal for

  • Building Space Design
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Hotels, Resorts, Hospitality Settings
  • Industry Fairs
  • Installations
  • Lobby Exhibits 
  • Office & Meeting Space, Room Interiors
  • POP Displays
  • Retail Store Windows
  • Retail Interiors
  • Room Dividers
  • Tradeshows, Expos & Events

Your Perfect SEG Partner

SEG combines technology with design and offers up a very mobile yet impressive and high quality visual experience for brands to draw interest. Whether it be small display area for your retail business or a graphic the size of an entire wall, let us show you how SEG can show up to do all the hard work for your brand.

If you are not sure what materials are available or what kind you may need for an unusual or outdoor surface, we can easily perform a site survey under your direction to provide recommendations for quality solutions that deliver.

From the start, we provide resources and recommendations for transforming spaces into not only a place that is memorable, but one that is also easy to navigate. Our team is accustomed to addressing the visual aspects of wayfinding, signage and imagery in a way that communicates brand identity and shapes emotions and experiences. Our graphic installs have helped:

  • Healthcare clients create spaces to comfort and heal
  • Educational clients create institutions that inspire and lead
  • Commercial clients recruit and retain valuable employees
  • Retail clients embody their brand and build business
  • Industrial clients establish authenticity and heritage

If needed, we can make sure your SEG is completely installed from printer to application. 

Contact Us to Order Silicone Edge Graphics Today

Our SEG’s are a great way to add design, highlight an important aspect of your business, or simply elevate and beautify your space. Contact us today to get started!