Latex Large Format Printing

Latex printing can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor materials due to fast-drying capability and water-based formula. GSB uses latex printing across a wide range of product offerings and materials such as soft signage, wall coverings, vehicle graphics, scaffolding wraps, and more. Used both indoor and outdoor, the capability to print on coated and uncoated materials makes this technology versatile, convenient and fast.

Some Of Our Favorite Latex Large Format Printing Projects

Why We Prefer HP

HP Indigo ink processes have made HP the standard in the market, reproducing the highest print quality, without the wait. HP Indigo digital presses allow printed sheets to emerge dry, eliminating waiting time. Whereas in offset printing, the finished product emerges wet and needs time to dry. “Across the industry, HP Indigo replicates the pinnacle of digital printing,” says GSB Digital President Stephan Steiner.

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