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Engraved Save The Date Card on Blue Paper with Yellow Ink

While it is true that engraving is a timeless form of printing, it also doubles as a modern, edgy detail that elevates the most memorable print projects. Our engraving craftsman hand-feeds the paper into the press between two plates and then compresses it with two tons of pressure while the ink is released. Engraving elevates opaque inks from the paper, leaving a stunningly clean and crisp impression. Its trademark of authenticity is the “bruise” but with this process, it’s the tactile experience that provides the true impression!

Some Of Our Favorite Print Engraving Projects

Our Print Engraving Is Ideal for

  • Announcements
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Greeting Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Invitations
  • Jotter Cards
  • Legal Stationery
  • Letterhead/Envelopes
  • Memo/Notepads
  • Menu Cards
  • Personalized Stationery
  • Presentation Folders
  • “Save The Dates”
  • Wedding Invitation Suites

Print Engraving Tech & Specs

  • Best used with fine type and detail 
  • Maintains clean crisp lines
  • Opaque inks allow for light colored, metallics, and white inks to print on dark stocks
  • Metallic inks maintain a high shine and brightness 
  • Wide variety of substrates and finishes can be used with engraving
  • Produces a raised tactile feel, which is scientifically proven to increase response rates
  • Can be combined with many other printing processes
  • Plan for longer turn-around times than some other printing methods due to metal plate creation, hand fed production and drying time
  • Does not handle large solids over .25″ square well (image puddles creating an undesirable textured look)
  • Maximum image area is 5″x9″ –  final print size can be much larger, but inked area must remain inside this size restriction (exception: For larger areas, ink can be run in 2 passes as long as there is no border, a break must be present in the design to divide the 2 passes)
  • Two-sided pieces should be avoided –  process creates “bruising” on backside of print, conflicting with the artwork on a double-sided piece (exception: If 2 sided piece is needed, we can print on separate sheets (front & back) and mount them together, covering the bruise beautifully)
  • Clearly designed artwork with the understanding that each color is printed one at a time and multiple require more attention to detail and time
  • Recommended Stocks are smooth or those with toothiness, Use: Cranes Crest, Mowhawk Superfine (House Stock), Neenah Classic Crest, Color Plan 

Your Perfect Print Engraving Partner

The art of print engraving has endured for centuries due to the distinctive and lasting impression it renders. This highly specialized print process is an intaglio printing technique that is achieved by cutting groves into the surface of a copper, or similar metal plate, then applying ink and pressure to transfer an image. The resulting impression from print engraving is a distinct slightly raised reproduction that no other print process can replicate.

Our team of craftsmen has been producing engraved print for decades. Each printed piece is hand fed into a traditional engraving press and carefully stamped. These industrial machines are veterans to the print process as they ink and press each sheet with intricacy. The pressure of engraving creates a mark of quality on the back of each piece know as a “bruise”. These marks can be left in their genuine nature or covered by double mounted sheets for a more contemporary style.

High sought after for its prestigious look and feel, GSB Digital often produces engraved stationery for the legal profession and other bureaucratic and financial corporations. Print engraving cannot be reproduced on a laser printer and this authenticity is one reason why many clients choose to use this particular print process. Common engraved stationery pieces include letterhead, No. 10 envelopes, continuation sheets, blotter cards and business cards.

Engraved stationery can be quoted with additionally colors, blind embossing, foil stamping and offset bleeds or solids. 

The beauty of engraving is often reserved for more formal pieces, as the price and style lends itself to more formal occasions. Engraved invitations are perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and fundraising galas. The visual and tactile elements of print engraving communicate to a recipient that your affair represents one of class and quality. The same is true for business when engraving is utilize for simple marketing collateral. It is yet another way to add distinction to your printed pieces and your brand.

Engraved invitations can be quoted with additionally print method, embossing, foil stamping and crossover print applications.

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