Custom Wall Decals and Vinyl Wall Coverings For Commercial Applications

Company branding via printed large custom made wall decals and wall coverings is a popular interior design choice for businesses, healthcare facilities, retailers, universities, and restaurants. Whether it’s a full wall graphic or custom vinyl wall decals, custom wall coverings bolster messages and reflect brand image which promotes your product/service, motivates your personnel and provides important information to your visitors.

More and more designers and architects are utilizing custom vinyl wall decals as an alternative and cost-effective way to transform commercial spaces. Whole wall decals not only enhance the aesthetics of a room but can function as practical wayfinding and informational elements as well.

No matter if you use them to direct visitors or as a subtle marketing message, GSB Digital produces custom digital wallcoverings suitable to line the halls of your business, school or public space. Our hands-on team of experts are ready to assist you with your custom wall decal needs, from the initial site survey to the final graphic installation. Whether it’s material choice, modifying design layouts, or removal questions our team will help find the right commercial wall wrap graphics solution.

Benefits of Custom Full Wall Decals: Transform Your Environment

Full wall decals take a plain blank wall in your space and transform it into a professional environment. Easily transform interiors and tap into the advantages of custom vinyl wall coverings. There are many benefits and ways to incorporate large custom made wall decals including:

  • Promotion: Spotlight a recent project, sale or just add branded visual appeal.
  • Motivation: Create a comfortable and visually pleasing work environment that’s beneficial for everyone in the office. Share inspiring messages and reminders of corporate goals and missions.
  • Information: Use full print wall decals as a wayfinding system in large facilities. Showcase your logo and directory at key meetups and help your visitors navigate your space easily.

Applications for Large Custom Wall Decals for the Office

Businesses are always looking for innovative ways to engage consumers. Ensure that your customers understand who you are and what you are selling simply by being present in your space. Commercial wall wrap graphics and custom vinyl print wall decals can be used to:

  • Support branding 
  • Visually reinforce your core values
  • Display your mission statement
  • Share your company’s historical timeline

Ease Anxiety at Healthcare Facilities with Compliant Custom Digital Wallcoverings

Our advanced latex printed full wall coverings are not only odorless, but hard-wearing and easy to clean. Used with healthcare compliant substrates, to build a more welcoming and comfortable environment for patients. Additionally, interior wall wraps can be used to:

  • Create kid friendly rooms/spaces for younger patients
  • Provide direction and instruction to visitors
  • Identify emergency aid stations or equipment

Retailers Increase Brand Engagement with Custom Vinyl Wall Decals

Immersive environments encourage action and engagement with consumers. Retailers can tap into this response by creating these environments with custom wall coverings. Our removable digitally printed custom wall decals are excellent for use in commercial retail environments, where storefronts may change decor more often. Paired with our window graphics and signage, some popular applications of our custom wall decals are:

  • Promotional and sweepstake submissions areas
  • Supportive backgrounds to social media engagements
  • Decorative booths to try on or sample your product

Universities Reinforce School Pride with Full Wall Decals

Whether it is a display of your latest division title or the familiar face of your team mascot, custom vinyl wall decals can increase the enjoyment and ambition of your students! Reinforce school pride with branded walls in common spaces and hallways. Additionally use vinyl wall decals to:

  • Utilize unique spaces – Add a surprising element to the stairways, and irregular wall cutouts or even the ceiling.
  • Add a quotes to walls that inspire students to succeed
  • Brand lobbies, locker rooms, elevators, and fitness centers

Full Wall Graphics for Your Small Business or Restaurant

The use of custom vinyl decals in your small business can be extremely helpful for marketing and advertising. Display your business hours prominently, share the history of your business, promote your latest product or special, or add visual appeal with a beautiful skyline or piece of art.  Additionally, custom vinyl wall covering are great for:

  • Creating points of interest to enhance the buyers experience
  • Provide direction to restrooms, bar, takeout or mobile order pickup areas.
  • Showcase your menu visually

Large Custom Wall Decals: Contact us to add Sophisticated Detail to your space

Our full wall decals are a great way to add detail, highlight an important aspect of your business, or simply add a level of sophistication and beauty to your space. The options are endless – you are limited only by your imagination. Our team at GSB Digital will help you create the perfect full wall graphics to compliment and beautify your space. Contact us today to get started!