Environmental Graphics

Creating informative, inspiring, and
innovated spaces

Environmental graphics combine sophisticated design with architectural layouts and useful information. The graphics we produce do more than decorate a space, they communicate the brand identity and information needed to connect people to a place. Whether it be small display area for your business or a complete wall covering theme for your corporation, let us show you how print can transform your environment.

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Create Brand Identity with Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics encompass architectural elements, typography, raw materials, images, and messaging to tell the story of a brand within a physical space. GSB Digital assists environmental graphic designers and brands in bringing their visions to life through print and fabrication.

From the start, we provide resources and recommendations for transforming spaces into not only a place that is memorable, but one that is also easy to navigate. Our team is accustomed to addressing the visual aspects of wayfinding, signage and imagery in a way that communicates brand identity and shapes emotions and experiences. Our graphic installs have helped:

  • Healthcare clients create spaces to comfort and heal
  • Educational clients create institutions that inspire and lead
  • Commercial clients recruit and retain valuable employees
  • Retail clients embody their brand and build business
  • Industrial clients establish authenticity and heritage
Corporate Wall Coverings
Academic Sport Facility Re-branding
Retail In-Store Display
Office Distraction Graphics
Retail Window Display
Museum Installation of Wall Graphics
Museum Art Installation

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