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GSB Digital had the pleasure of attending HP’s annual Dscoop conference this year in Phoenix, Arizona. Dscoop is one of the largest print technology showcases in the country, and this year GSB Digital was able to send four team members to learn about the latest in digital printing technology.

In addition to attending the events, we submitted two printed pieces for consideration the HP Annual Inkspiration Awards. Our clear vinyl holiday card and digitally printed notebooks were displayed in front of hundreds of printing industry professionals and designers and received many positive responses. GSB Digital is always looking for new, progressive ways to provide more for our clients, and Dscoop provided the perfect place to learn more about what is up-and-coming in the print industry.

HP Electroinks made a special presentation at Dscoop Phoenix. These bright inks also glow in the dark See how we used HP Electroink Pink Ink in our latest mailer campaign!

HP is a world leader in both print quality and groundbreaking innovation. At Dscoop Phoenix, GSB Digital’s team was able to learn more about new technologies and printing processes that will revolutionize the digital printing industry and bring more services to our clients. See the images below to learn more about exciting innovations in the world of digital print!

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