Your Exclusive Look at GSB Digital’s PrintWISE Event


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PrintWISE is an ongoing series of events that GSB Digital offers to creatives and print buyers in the New York City marketing place. These events serve to enlighten our current and prospective clients through educational content on the capabilities and diversity of media, print applications, embellishments, and technologies used to distinguish digital print today.

On February 1, GSB Digital hosted the second PrintWISE event to highlight the power of digital embellishments thanks to Scodix’s enhancement technology. The way that we understand and interpret the world around us heavily relies on our physical interactions – a firm handshake, a powerful high five, a gentle caress of someone’s hair. All of these communications leave lasting impressions on how we relate to others and to objects. Studies have proven that our sense of touch connects us to a sense of ownership, which creates more value and influences our decision-making on a daily basis. With this in mind, GSB Digital became the first print provider in New York to invest in the Scodix digital embellishment technology. What makes it special is that it helps our clients add more value to their print pieces by including tactile embellishments they can feel, which, in turn, helps them capture more value thanks to the digital spot, digital foil, and raised texture applications.

This particular PrintWISE event showed nearly 100 attendees the best of what the embellishment technology has to offer. GSB Digital hosted guided tours of our production facility to highlight Scodix’s capabilities in real time. During those tours, guests were treated to an exclusive look at pieces including invitations with digital foil, puzzles with a palpable raised polymer, and many more. Additionally, a presentation by Alan Darling (Head of Business Development, North America at Scodix) got everyone thinking as he talked about the power and importance of print in the digital age. Plus, the drinks and light fare served throughout the evening were enjoyed by all which made for an event that was as fun as it was educational.

GSB Digital recognizes that print technology and capabilities continue to evolve and at PrintWISE, guests were able to talk to fellow print enthusiasts about our ever-changing industry. It was an event not to be missed, and we hope you’re able to join us in the future!

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