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The current, competitive world of marketing has heavily shifted its focus in one direction: corporate branding. A modern logo, catchy tag-lines, and an active social media presence are just a small portion of that focus. In order to stay relevant and competitive, companies are embracing a new, cost-effective option for superior branding: custom wall graphics.

Wall graphics allow companies to make a lasting impression on their clients while inspiring their staff. The graphics can consist of a variety of materials that are best-suited to various applications. The best part? They’re limited to nothing other than your creativity.

In this post, we’ll share some ideas on how to create impact through corporate branding via wall graphics. You’ll also learn what to consider before installation, and what to avoid to ensure a seamless outcome.

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Make a Lasting Impression

If your office space has a showroom, waiting room, or any other area visible to potential clients, its first impression has tremendous bearing on the likelihood of collaboration with your brand. Rather than trying to make an impact with paint colors, random wall art, and expensive interior design, utilize your corporate surface area to promote your message. With custom graphics and a compelling design, you can portray your business in a way that tells a story, a tactic which, according to Forbes, is a crucial element to successful modern marketing.

Feature Your Mission or Vision Statement

Companies use mission or vision statements to personalize their corporate culture and appealing to emotions. Instead of an outdated plaque on the wall, integrate your statement into the design of your wall graphics. Personalize your company and demand attention in an unprecedented manner by bringing your mission statement to life with memorable images. Additionally, Mission statements keep companies on-track for achieving their goals. A pronounced, eye-catching mission statement acts as a constant, compelling reminder for your employees.

Showcase Your Corporate History

Use your wall graphics to tell the best story in existence: yours. Demonstrating your corporate history can elicit an emotional, nostalgic response from your clients while simultaneously establishing your credibility within the industry. Use wall graphics to showcase your validity against your competition or to highlight your differentiator.

Inspire Your Staff

Make use of unifying imagery and positive quotes to solidify a uplifting corporate culture and generate loyalty among your staff. According to this Business LinkedIn insight, employees are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty if they feel as though they are a part of something bigger than the daily responsibilities of their job description. Attract and keep the right employees through the welcoming and uplifting environment that’s achievable with wall graphics.

3 Things to Consider Before the Installation of Your Wall Graphics

In order to ensure a seamless installation and optimal lifespan of your wall graphics, consider the following potential roadblocks:  installation hurdles, permanency, location

1. Installation Hurdles

In order to maximize the longevity and look of your wall graphics, its best to choose a surface  that is flat and untextured. If possible, avoid fresh paint, pipes, vents, and wall damage to ensure a flawless final product.

2. Permanency

Depending on the preferred longevity of your wall mural, there are multiple options for materials that best suit various purposes. If you’re looking for removable graphics with the intention of reapplying or updating frequently, consider a product like WallMark Concepts 226 or Mojave Digital Medias by Nekoosa. These materials allow for simple removal at any time, although some have a shorter lifespan than other permanent options.

If you need a long-term application for your wall graphics, consider a product like 3M’s  IJ35 with lamination. This ultra-durable vinyl passes the test of time while protecting the integrity of the wall underneath from scratches, knicks, and wear.

3. Location

When considering your location, be sure to evaluate how closely the graphics will be viewed to ensure clarity and readability. Avoid busy designs and condensed fonts so your clients see as much of your presented information as possible. Keep key elements at eye-level and save obscure areas for “filler.” When considering where to apply your wall graphics, choose the room with the most foot traffic to maximize exposure.

Endless Possibilities: Examples Brought to You by GBS Digital

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Choose a design that tells a story.
Integrate your mission statement into the design of your wall.
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