Alison Haag Printed Art Booklets


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Alison Haag "My Own Book Club" Artist Booklets

Alison Haag Art Booklets

Alison Haag Printed Art Booklets

For an upcoming art show, artist Allison Haag wanted to create memorable art booklets displaying her work as a take-home gift to her booth visitors.

Instead of settling for average flyers and brochures, she decided to showcase her art on mini, saddle-stitched booklets. Each page brings gives the recipient a glimpse into Allison’s diverse collection of work, including fabric pieces and soft sculpture art. This particular series draws it’s inspiration from her love of literature. As you flip through this booklet, you are able to see more details about each work of art; including the book from which she was inspired. The vibrant colors shine through each page as they showcase her beautiful work. HP Indigo’s CMYK color printing helped make each art booklet with precision, and our high-end digital printing technology performed each step of the finishing process in-house.

Normally, saddle-stitching is done with silver, but Alison wanted her project to stand out in every detail. That’s why she chose to make these booklets her own with gold staples. The gradient color palette creates a cohesive look throughout the book, and the Zund kiss-cut sticker page at the end adds an additional element of fun. The back page displays Alison’s contact information and links to view more of her work online. These booklets are one-of-a-kind, and will definitely leave an impression on recipients at upcoming events.

Art Book by Ali Ha printed in New York City
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