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Second Surface Invitation Samples

Second Surface Printing Our Latest Second Surface Project Featuring White Ink printed second surface on Lexan material, these invitations showcase advancements in digital print technology. The lexan material provides a study base for the printing, as it is stronger and much more durable than traditional acrylic. The stronger the material, the more peace of mind ...

First Surface vs. Second Surface Printing

What is First Surface and Second Surface Printing? Second Surface Printing Second Surface printing adds a layer of elegance to any display by printing on the back, rear facing side of the material. The benefits of second surface printing vary by substrate, but here are a few examples of how this printing method is useful ...

Four Types of Print Advertising

Want to step up your advertising game in today's crowded digital media culture? Here are four types of printing that can help your brand stand out above the rest. 1. Large Format Banners, Posters, Wall Hangings and more all fall into the large format category of print advertising. Large format displays can draw in new ...