Electronic Discovery

GSB Digital will help you collect, assess, organize, review, and produce electronic data. Our services include:

  • Data assessment and collection
  • Searching / culling large data sets
  • Processing information for review
  • Managing and streamlining your document review
  • Formatting document productions to meet specifications


Our processing methods ensure a high-quality final product that will optimize data cull. Our 24/7 Manhattan litigation support team is dedicated to providing around-the-clock service so that your discovery needs are met within your timeline. Need additional support? Our customer service representatives will walk you through each step of the discovery process to help you get the information you need when you need it.
Our database viewing software allows us to process all different types of electronic information including:

  • Native Files (MS Office, Lotus)
  • Compressed Files (JPG, GIF, etc.)
  • HTML, HTM, MSG, etc.
  • TIFF Images


When the data has been gathered, it is important to distill all of that information into a professional presentation to best help you in your litigation efforts. We provide a wide variety of services that make each project we work with both professional and high-quality. Our services provide large and small firms with the best quality service – and our team has over 26 years of experience helping make GSB Digital’s litigation support a one-stop destination. Our production capabilities include:

  • Document Scanning
  • Large Format Documents
  • Copying and Collating
  • Printing (High Volume, Color, Black and White)
  • Trial Demonstratives
  • Binder Preparation

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