Litigation Document Scanning


Make a Scanned Image Searchable with OCR

Convert a Scanned Image to Text

Once the documents have been scanned,  you have the option of selecting our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service so they can also be made text searchable.  This is a cost-effective supplement to document coding.  The accuracy of the OCR is based on the quality and clarity of the original documents being scanned.  Typically, about 98% accuracy for crisp text and less for copies of  copies, blurred text or handwriting.  Either way, OCR speeds up the ability to search for the document(s) you need.

Litigation Document Scanning

Data Options After Scanning Your Litigation Documents

  • Flash-Drive
  • Hard-Drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Secure FTP
  • Uploaded On Our eDiscovery Platform

Upon completing your litigation document scanning, we’ll provide the images to you as either a PDF file or “load ready” TIFF files on a flash-drive, portable hard-drive or CD.  Alternatively, our trained technicians can transfer the digital files from your document scanning to you through our secure FTP or upload directly to our eDiscovery platform. When utilizing our platform your scanned litigation documents and any accompanying native files will be available as a consolidated, fully searchable database.

When your in need of documents scanned for discovery, reach out to our litigation support team at