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Bringing Craftsmanship and Innovation Together

GSB Digital is pleased to bring you our newest suite of traditional print and finishing capabilities. We are carrying out our mission to bring passion and innovation together by pairing modern processes with the traditional craftsmanship of print.  A process which for many still holds the standard for luxury.

Some Of Our Favorite Traditional Print Projects

Traditional Printing Types

Traditional Finishing Capabilities


Embossing is a method of creating raised letters or patterns on paper. It consists of pressing a sheet tightly against two patterned plates in order to mold the surface of the sheet. As a result, parts of the surface of the sheet is raised and protrudes from the rest. This raised area forms a particular pattern, which is an imprint left by the pressing plates.

Hand Assembly

Sometimes items need to be put together after they have been die-cut, a ribbon needs to be added through a punched hole, or something like a belly band needs to be incorporated into the project. The sky is the limit with our in house team that makes sure all of your items are assembled and ready to hand across the counter to your consumers, clients, or friends.

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Traditional Die Cutting

Die cutting is for when straight edges are just not going to cut it. Use this technique for projects requiring custom envelopes, various shapes, “scoring” and more. Defined metal sharp blades, like a cookie cutter, cuts through paper stock in clean and crisp fashion.

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