Digital Die Cutting

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At GSB Digital, we are passionate about offering inspiration, creativity, and innovation to our graphics customers, which is why we have incorporated the Zünd G3 Digital Cutter into our production line.
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Some Of Our Favorite Digital Die Cut Projects

Die Cutting Methods & Applications

  • Cutting Tool/Knife: Perfect for cutting all the way through thin materials quickly to create custom shapes. Typical applications are corrugated cardboard, coroplast, foam boards, vinyl, and a wide variety of paper stocks.
  • Router: Designed specifically for cutting rigid plastics, acrylic panels, non-ferrous metals, composite panels, and many other rigid substrates. Suitable for cutting hard surface substrates up to 1″ thick and softer materials up 2“. 
  • Creasing Tool: Perfect for scoring single-wall corrugated cardboard. Its crease wheel produces high-quality creases both with and against the grain without tearing or cracking the top layer of the substrate.
  • V-Cut Tool: Perfect for producing complex structural designs in foamcore or sandwich board materials. The V shape of this tool makes for easy and precise folding of cartons and various packaging from multiple angles.
  • Kiss-Cut Tool: For vinyl-cutting applications and especially kiss-cutting, perfect accuracy in the cutting depth is essential. The variable pressure of the Kiss-Cut Tool permits precise cutting of foils without damaging the liner material. Besides commonly used vinyl and other films up to 3mm (1/8“) thick, this tool can also be used for cutting thin paper and cardstock.

Your Perfect Die Cutting Partner

Digital die cutting works without the use of a metal-cast die to create anything from packaging, signage, invitations, envelopes, trade show exhibits, vinyl cut letters, and more. Unlike traditional die cutting, our digital die cutting services provide enormous flexibility, flawless cutting technology, low production costs, and a large variety of substrate choices. Whether you’re interested in die cut on demand, die cut singles, or a couple thousand pieces, digital die cutting allows you to express your most creative concepts in an individualized, yet cost-effective, manner.

Using software like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, a digital model of a piece is designed. You may provide your own design, or we would be happy to help you realize your creative vision. Designs are then layered and labeled for routing, kiss cutting, creasing, perforating, and more. With hundreds of blades and bits to choose from, the right tool is available for your job. Our Zünd Digital die cutters run twenty-four hours per day, so we can meet your cutting needs while delivering the high quality and productivity you expect.

Traditional die cutting uses metal dies constructed of cutting blades shaped into a pattern, which are then mounted onto a sturdy backing material. To create a shape, a die is pressed into a material or substrate. Changes or adjustments to meta-cast dies are difficult and expensive, as each die can cost $200 to create. By contrast, digital die cutting is fully automated, exceptionally precise, and flexible; so any adjustments needed are quick, easy, and economical. The incredible versatility and performance of digital die cutting extend to a wide variety of substrates to choose from such as acrylic, plexiglass, adhesive vinyl, boards, rubber, foam core, cardboard, and more.

  • It is Precise: GSB Digital is committed to making cutting-edge technology available to our clients because we know that first impressions count in the ever-changing graphics industry. Let us help you realize your creative visions economically, precisely, and beautifully.
  • It is Cost Effective: Those looking for custom die cutting with no minimum quantity find digital die cutting to be the most cost effective. By taking a digital approach, our machine has the flexibility to adjust quickly for short run die cutting. Whether you’re looking for small run labels or short run decals, our Zund G3 digital cutter delivers the best quality at the right price.

GSB delivers direct across the Tri-state area.

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