Case Binding

If you’ve purchased a hardcover bestseller lately, it’s safe to say that book was casebound. It is the best choice for books that will have a long shelf life or will be heavily used. Casebound books continue to hold a special place in the hearts of readers everywhere because they are meant to be treasured and can withstand the test of time. Case binding is the perfect solution for any custom project that you plan to cherish for years.

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What is Case Binding?

Case binding is a common type of binding used to create hardcover books. Binder boards are covered with material (paper, cloth, vinyl, or leather) and are then attached to signatures of pages using end leaves (folded sheets that are attached to the book block and then to the cover).

Case Binding Production Sneak Peak

Our case binding team is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line work while meeting even your toughest deadlines. Try hardcover binding with our HP Indigo variable data printing capabilities for superb quality and customization of your projects.

As the first New York-based digital printer to offer automated casewrap hardcover binding with HP Indigo and Variable Data Printing capabilities, our digital printing solutions deliver high caliber service options and value to clients.

Powered by sophisticated Case Binder technology, there is no minimum print run required. Even if all you need is one book, GSB Digital brings the beauty, quality, and professionalism of your creative to the outside, so the strength and character of your work make an unforgettable first impression.

Case Binding Example

Case Binding by Industry

GSB Digital’s case binding services offer high quality, short-run hardcover books quickly and cost-effectively for anyone and everyone. Satisfied clients include business development and marketing specialists, along with a wide range of industry professionals – from real estate, insurance, and banking to photography, self-publishing, arts, and entertainment.

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Non-Profit
  • Photography
Sales and Marketing

Regardless of your industry, every business needs to market and sell their products or services. If you delivered a compelling sales presentation complemented with cleanly-branded hardcover bound to leave behind, wouldn’t that speak volumes about your organization’s high standards and professional excellence?

Real Estate

Upscale commercial and residential real estate brokers spend considerable time and funds to create beautiful offering memorandums and detailed descriptions of available properties. Handing clients a professional case bound portfolio of properties, including your logo and tagline, will enhance your offering presentation and reputation.


Financial institutions need to present their performance to shareholders and executives, as well as showcasing Mutual Funds and their performance to clients and prospects. Communicating information such as Year-in-Reviews, Dividends, and Shareholder data, Bonds, Yields, etc. will not only present beautifully in a branded hardcover format, but the information will be preserved indefinitely.


As a principal fundraising strategy for non-profits, upscale annual event galas raise money from loyal affluent donors to support their endowments. Honoring these key benefactors in an elegantly designed and hardbound book creates a memorable keepsake that stands in complement to the event itself. The books may include background on the donor, corporate information, and logos as well as articles and images from the executive board and past events.


Both professional and amateur photographers have the ability to showcase their work within a hardcover shell that will last a lifetime. The tailored hardcover will reflect the artist’s creativity and the event or photo theme, so potential clients, friends, or family will be awestruck by the presentation even before they view its contents.

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