Special Effects Printing

Our digital printing technology delivers unique solutions that help take your printing projects to the next level. GSB Digital’s unbeatable customer service representatives will help you take advantage of the many options digital print provides on your next project. Don’t settle for less, make your ideas stand out more with our special effects printing capabilities.

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White Ink

HP Indigo’s white ink capabilities have countless creative possibilities in all avenues of commercial print. Used as a foundation to support full-color images or alone for stunning contrasting white on black designs, this effect creates unmatched results for premium digital projects.

A few application ideas:
  • Use on colored substrates
  • Classic black and white invitations
  • White-on-white (Watermark Effect)
  • Foot-printing for brighter color payoff

Digital Spot Gloss/Matte

Our digital spot printing technique enables you to highlight the most important features of a project and add stunning sophisticated elements to a piece. As part of our inline digital process, spot printing allows for small quantities and variable imaging. This application can also be combined with our raised ink process for dimensional textured effects.

A few application ideas:

  • Direct Mail Marketing Collateral
  • Perfect Bound Book Covers
  • Merchandise Brochures
  • Invitations & Announcements
GSB Digital Spot UV Coating Digital Printing

Raised Ink

Raised ink printing is created by layering clear ink directly to a coated or unprinted substrate. Depending on the height of the layers, the outcome can vary from striking tactile designs to more subtle dimensions.


A few application ideas:
• Raised ink wedding invitations/greeting cards
• Add texture to business cards
• Commercial/Residential brochures
• Add dimension to a book’s cover

Fluorescent Inks

In 2017, fluorescent pink was introduced to the HP Indigo print suite. The ink was a huge success and feedback has led to a further three fluorescent inks being introduced. We are delighted to now have Yellow, Green and Orange in the portfolio. As with the Pink ink, due to their fluorescent nature, under UV light, they glow in the dark.

A few application ideas:
• Posters
• Direct Mail
• Packaging design
• Can be used on a wide variety of substrates

GSB Digital Digital Printing Embossing Effect Special Effect