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Customized Client Storefronts for Online Ordering

At GSB Digital, nothing is more important than the relationships we have with our clients. However, we also know that your time is an invaluable entity and sometimes you just need a project printed as soon as possible! That is why we created GSB Sky Portal.

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What is GSB Sky Portal?

GSB Sky Portal accommodates the creative professionals who are looking for the best of both worlds. As a complement to our knowledgeable staff, GSB Sky Portal helps you delegate those simple repeatable projects so you can focus on the more detail-orientated ones.

Simplify your workload with a brand compliant client portal customized to your business. Our corporate online ordering solution is intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to order both template-based and ad-hoc printed materials. The automated process not only saves you time, but it reduces potential errors, allows for comprehensive reporting, and provides real-time tracking. Want to speak to us about a Sky Portal order? Full customer service and technical support are available to walk you through any step of your ordering process.

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To access your Sky Portal site, use the button below to continue. There, your personal credentials will direct you to your company-branded site.

For assistance, please contact technical support at 646.328.0129

Advantages Of Using GSB Sky Portal

Have Multiple Locations and/or Brands?

A privately branded Web to Print storefront can save your company’s different locations/brands from the inconsistency that comes with purchasing print from different vendors. Having one central printing source ensures that each business card order adheres to corporate brand guidelines, and individual employees can input their information into pre-approved design templates.

Streamline Your Ordering Process

Our personalized Sky Portal services create an easier-to-use, streamlined ordering process for you and your employees. Access training materials, marketing materials, HR documents, business cards, and more in one central, cloud-based location. Approval can be given with the click of a button for every order or set to automatic for even greater efficiency.

Additional Benefits
• Fast, streamlined production• Easy ordering available 24/7
• Upfront pricing• 100% Brand compliant sites
• Secure ordering process• Built-in options for approvals
• Comprehensive reporting features

How Does it Work?

Our team will create a customized portal that will include frequently purchased products of your choice. Once this site is completed approved, users can customize and order print and marketing collateral. Simply select a product for customization and check out as you would with most any shopping-enabled website.


Step 1: Log In and Select a Product
Step 2: View Real Time Pricing and Customize Your Product
Step 3: Enter Your Shipping Information and Check Out