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PrintWISE is an ongoing series, aimed to enlighten creatives in the NYC marketplace on the ever-changing digital printing industry. On August 23rd, GSB Digital hosted our third PrintWISE event, this time focusing on digital packaging & dimensional display. It was a memorable night connecting creatives, packaging designers, brand consultants, marketers, and other print enthusiasts. Attendees were informed how digital printing has enhanced the packaging industry, allowing for innovative short-run solutions. In an industry where cost efficiency and speed-to-market is crucial, short-run solutions can enhance the prototyping and personalized packaging process.

Guests explored GSB Digital’s sample showcase, which included uniquely designed packaging samples paired with luxury digital embellishments, the finest substrates and laminations. They got the chance to not only see, but also physically feel the impact of combining different digital processes to produce a captivating package design. The sample showcase also highlighted how digital printing allows for versioning and personalization that can be tailored to a demographic, region or even an individual. At the end of the night, guests left with these samples.

As part of the evening’s agenda, guests were encouraged to participate in a GSB Digital facility tour to see our production process first-hand. With laminations, die-cutting, embellishments, and other powerful print machines, guests were amazed by our shop’s sophisticated technologies. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing sponsors. GPA, Iggesund, Zund, Nobelus, and Scodix who were part of the tours and demonstrated how their services heighten the packaging experience.

Vicki Strull, Brand Strategist and Packaging Designer, has over 25 years of experience in the creative marketplace. Working with clients such as Pizza Hut, SC Johnson, and HP, Vicki has helped many brands make deeper connections with their consumers. During her keynote speech, Vicki addressed how the human attention span is decreasing and how companies have only 8 seconds to captivate customers. “Packaging is one of the most powerful touch points,” Vicki explains, “because of its multisensory nature, brands are able to build emotional connections through this medium.” These connections are enhanced even further through adaptation and versioning. When packaging is personalized, it becomes special to the buyer. Short-run digital printing empowers brands to increase versioning, prototype in half the time, get products to market faster, and promote cashflow. Then, top line goals of brand loyalty, consumer engagement, and driving purchase intent follow suit. You can listen to Vicki’s full presentation here.

Overall, the event inspired guests to think “inside the box” when it comes to new possibilities available with GSB Digital’s print capabilities. We hope to have more PrintWISE events in the future and continue to bring the print community together. Hear what our guests thought of the event!

PrintWISE Samples
PrintWISE Guests
PrintWISE Keynote
PrintWISE Guest Tour
PrintWISE Scodix Samples
Overview PrintWISE Aug Event
Welcome Speech at PrintWISE Packaging Event in August
Guests at PrintWISE Packaging Event in August
Mingle at PrintWISE
Ladies of PrintWISE Packaging Event in August
Viewing of Scodix Machine at PrintWISE Event in August 2018

“I had a great time and loved learning about what you guys do. We will definitely share with our manager and other departments you great work and capabilities”

“GSB is the future of printed brand experience. Commercial printing as we knew it is no more. Very exciting times!”

“Thank you GSB for another fantastic event! The days of creativity being limited by production constraints are clearly over. The value of being able to produce highly customized, flat and dimensional, ultra short-run pieces – not only from a creative standpoint but also from the perspective of putting an actual production sample of 1 into the hands of our clients – cannot be understated.”


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