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Embellishments and Digital Foil Come to GSB Digital

It may have seemed like any other Monday morning for New Yorkers, but for GSB Digital, October 2nd was anything but ordinary. After months of preparation and patience, the day had finally arrived. GSB Digital had been looking forward to this because it meant that we were becoming the first print provider in New York to offer something new and unique to the marketplace. October 2nd was when GSB Digital’s Scodix embellishment technology arrived. The delivery truck came promptly in the morning, and the crew got to work on rigging this beast of a machine. As our VP of Operations and Print Production Specialist looked on, the moving team began unloading the massive- nearly five-ton crates- from a truck… with the help of a powerful forklift, of course. The forklift carried each piece high above the heads of the crew (and some cars) in order to deliver it to the freight elevator. They were then pushed onto the elevator and taken to the fifth floor where our Long Island City production facility is housed. Each crate was carefully unpacked and unwrapped, and with each unboxing came the reveal of a piece of the large Scodix puzzle. A team of experts quickly got to work assembling, calibrating and testing the Scodix technology and after a few days of training, we are ready to roll. Everything we had waited so patiently for has become a reality and now we are ready to pass on our excitement to you. GSB Digital decided to invest in this new technology to help our clients add stronger value to their printed pieces because of its tactile embellishments. As of October 10, we can proudly offer Scodix embellishment technology as a digital finishing enhancement process to your print projects. These embellishments include Ultra Sense (a tactile clear layer to mimic texture), Ultra Spot (a digital spot application) and Ultra Foil (a digital foil process without the metal die). Stay tuned for more information coming soon!
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