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At GSB Digital, we believe that our most valuable asset is our dedicated staff. As a growing company, we highly value the opinions and insights of our employees to help us learn how we can continue to improve our every-day production. On Tuesday, November 1, we gave the GSB Digital staff a platform to voice their ideas on how to make our production facility more efficient and productive, as well as increasing the quality of printed products we create. Each team member had a chance to write down suggestions on how to make GSB Digital better than before, and new ideas were discussed and plans were implemented from their insights. Feedback from each of our team members provides an invaluable insight into how our company can grow and create a bigger impact on the Digital Printing industry. Productivity workshops like this help our team refocus on what is most important; serving our clients to the best of our ability. Our dedicated team is working every day to increase the standard of digital print through thoughtful leadership, communication, and the latest print technology.
GSB Digital Employees share their ideas on how to make our company better.
Suggestions and ideas were shared with the group on the walls of our Long Island City corporate office.
Our Corporate staff, Sales team, and Production staff all attended the workshop to improve every function of GSB Digital.
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