Scodix Design Award Winner

Scodix Design Award

The Scodix Design Awards are an annual contest hosted by Scodix Inc, a prominent benefactor of digital embellishments for the graphic communications industry, where submissions on behalf of leading printing companies come in worldwide from printers and designers utilizing Scodix digital print enhancement technology. Contest submissions are evaluated by an illustrious panel of judges for the characteristic of their designs, complexity, physical presentation, and overall originality.

Amid contestants demonstrating excellent use of Scodix’s applications in just about every sector of the market across the globe, it is with great humility and honor to announce that GSB Digital is amongst the winners of the 2018 Annual Scodix Design Awards! Receiving awards in two categories, we are proud to promote Scodix and digital embellishment technology.

“We worked hard in 2018 to distinguish GSB Digital in the digital embellishment space and having the market place recognize that effort is invaluable” said Jessica Andersen.

Marketing Director and designer of both entries submitted by GSB Digital

Our Folex Silver Spirit labels came in first place in the Technology – Special Materials category and we received a highly ranked honorable mention in the Self-Promotion Print category for our Capture the Value of Touch – Digital Embellishments Showcase Book, which illustrates how touch and digital embellishments plays a huge factor in this sensory-driven world that we live in.

Technology -Special Materials Winner

“With over 110 submissions from 5 continents, we are honored not only for winning such a prestigious award, but to simply have the opportunity to take part in it a platform that elevates and showcases the hard work and efforts done here at GSB Digital,” said Andersen.

Honorable Mention in Self Promotion

The 2018 Scodix Design Awards certainly raised the bar for future awards to come with, exceptional understanding of the impact and boundless potential of the Scodix post-press enhancement applications. Nowhere else is spotlighting the best of the best in digital embellishment by capturing the essences of rising global brands and its corporate leadership.


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