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Litigation Support—A Flagship Business

You probably know GSB Digital for its high-quality Indigo prints, custom case bound books, or even its large format options, but you may not know that GSB Digital’s flagship business started over 20 years ago servicing a very specific industry. Today, our comprehensive litigation support department is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and continues to assist law firms and corporate legal teams with all aspects of document management.

Our clients in the legal industry expect us to be accessible, committed, and solution-oriented. Therefore, our team is available 24 hours a day to consult and assist on all stages of a case or project. Drawing from a wide range of resources and multidisciplinary experience, we help our legal clients manage large and small litigation efforts and improve regulatory and litigation compliance with confidence. This division also operates as our round-the-clock reprographic copy center. However, our solutions here are not limited to ink on paper. In fact, GSB Digital offers software and hosting solutions for data analysis; a process the industry knows as electronic discovery or e-discovery. It is our mission as a true litigation support partner to manage the e-discovery process from collections through processing and final delivery, so our clients aren’t distracted from completing their mission critical work. We do this by executing the culling and keyword search process using a blend of proven and cutting edge software solutions. In laymen’s terms, this electronic discovery process turns what seems like insurmountable volumes of data into an accessible, searchable and manageable format.

Seeming a disparate part of our organization, this side of our business actually complements our digital facilities operations. Serving often as an overflow facility, the litigation and reprographic center in Manhattan also serves as a convenient pick-up and drop-off location for many of our clients who are not able to make it out to our production facility in Long Island City. Additionally, the 24-hour staffing ensures that our clients always have an option for customer service when those projects just can’t wait until morning.

  • ESI Processing
  • Hosting Management
  • Image Solutions
  • Data Conversion
  • Paper Discovery
  • Tagging and Tracking
  • CD/DVD Duplications
  • Copy Reproduction
  • Binding Solutions
  • Trial Exhibits
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