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It’s every building manager’s nightmare to overcome the aftermath of a distracted worker or pedestrian colliding head-first into a glass door or wall. Sad but true, these types of incidents occur all too often. Hence compliance laws by New York State and others are in place to combat these incidents. Regulation graphics might be mandatory, but bland hash marks and safety squares are not your only option. More and more companies are finding creative ways to incorporate branding elements into their distraction graphics without compromising their office aesthetic. In this article, you’ll learn more about distraction graphics and the potential they offer in terms of beautification, branding, privacy, and safety.

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Distraction & Safety Graphics

Beyond beautification and privacy, installing vinyl graphics onto your glass is required by the state of New York for safety purposes. Learn more about New York’s distraction graphics laws here. Avoid embarrassing mishaps, potential injuries, and awkward apologies while maintaining legal compliance by ensuring that all of your glass is wrapped with distraction graphics.

Graphics on glass for office aesthetics

Beyond being a necessary safety measure, graphics on your large glass surfaces can be aesthetically pleasing. An attractive work environment can positively impact both employees and customers alike. Design your space to include a silhouette of your downtown area, skyline, or other artwork and transform your office space in the process. Beautify your workspace and create a lasting impression by differentiating your office or showroom. Curious about your options? Contact us to start brainstorming.

Corporate branding potential

Corporate branding is among the most effective marketing trends of the decade, and graphics on glass provide a unique platform to get creative. Your corporate logo, brand slogan, tag line, or even items from your portfolio can make a practical necessity effective in increasing brand recognition and loyalty. Beyond impacting your potential clientele, brand your glass surfaces in a way that inspires your employees. Thrive Global reports that actively engaged and happy employees outperform their less satisfied counterparts by 147%, making an inspirational design a must

Office Privacy

It’s hard enough to hold the attention of your employees during staff meetings without worrying about passersby. If your corporate space includes modern rooms with glass walls, consider opaque or “frosted” graphics to provide privacy for a meeting space or personal office while still offering the benefits discussed above. Limit the view of onlookers while minimizing outside distractions. Achieve superior privacy without compromising your modern aesthetic with graphics tailored to your corporate identity.

GSB Digital offers comprehensive graphics solutions for your corporate space, from creation to installation. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with the professional production of your graphics, providing a highly-personalized touch while maintaining legal compliance. Get started today! » 

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