The Perfect Corporate Gift For the Holidays


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Corporate Holiday Gifts

As we approach the holiday season, the same questions circulate in the minds of business owners everywhere—Is corporate gifting worthwhile? How can I make my gifts stand out? While generic food baskets are a nice thought, they do little to stand out from the copious other gifts your clients have undoubtedly already received. What steps can you take to avoid the trap of the cliché gift? Take initiative, get creative, and be strategic in your gift selection. In this article, we discuss the importance of corporate gifting and provide tips on how to give a gift that leaves a lasting impression.

Why is corporate gifting so important?

  • Shows gratitude
As a business owner, it’s crucial to show both your employees and your loyal clients that you appreciate their loyalty and business. After all, your employees could go anywhere, but they choose to work for you. Your clients could switch providers at any time, but they have chosen to support your business. Corporate gifting provides a platform for businesses to express their gratitude, encourage employees to stick around, and keep customers coming back.
  • Promotes brand awareness
Corporate gifting provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate elements of your corporate identity into your gifts. Customizable options, which we will discuss in detail shortly, make branding your gifts simple and effective, as your company will reside at the forefront of the recipient’s mind any time they look at or use their gift. Marketing experts consider corporate branding to be one of the most effective tools of modern marketing, so take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate elements into your gifting. Why not make use of an already-positive practice to boost sales? Learn more about branding and increasing your company’s recognition factor »
  • Strengthens employee loyalty
In the current competitive job market, employees recognize their worth. A generous benefits package and competitive pay will attract good employees, but gestures of appreciation will inspire them to stay. Corporate gifting is an excellent opportunity to show your employees love and appreciation while strengthening their loyalty to your brand. Customize your gifts to emphasize each employee’s unique importance to your company.
  • Promotes strong B2B relationships
While undoubtedly a generous and friendly gesture, there’s no question that corporate gifting is a strategic practice. Gifting creates a positive relationship between you and your recipient companies, particularly if you follow our advice above and incorporate bran ding elements. Business owners talk to other business owners, and corporate gifting allows you as a company to organically network with potential new clients through your existing clientele. Custom gift wrap box

Be deliberate with your gifts through personalization to leave a lasting impression.

Generic gifts will never have the impact of their custom alternatives. Personalization allows for the incorporation of branding elements while ensuring that each of your employees or clients feels valued and special. And with modern resources like database-driven variable data printing available, customization is more available than ever. Digital printing allows for a variety of possibilities; custom stationery with dimensional elements, canvas journals, calendars, corporate planners, custom notebooks, and giftwrap—to name a few. When you consider that 86% of consumers admitted that personalized marketing affected their buying decisions, it becomes clear that personalization is well worth the investment. Variable data printing allows for creating on-demand print that is uniquely adapted to fit each recipient, making it one of the most customizable and cost-effective solutions for corporate gifting. At GSB Digital, Scodix digital embellishments including Ultra Sense, Ultra Spot, and Ultra Foil allow for extensive variations in texture and materials. You’re limited by nothing other than your creativity. Feeling inspired? Ask our experts for the corporate gifting print approach that’s best for your business »
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