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Mirrored Signage


BACKGROUND | A real estate client’s trip to an art museum sparked a call to GSB Digital with an unusual request: could we create a three-dimensional logo made entirely of angled mirrors? Garfinkle knew the Zund Digital Die Cutter would be the perfect tool for this task. The Zund Digital Die Cutter works without the use of a metal cast die to create anything from signage, invitations, and 3D displays, to boxes, tradeshow exhibits and more. A digital model of a piece is created, then designs are layered and labeled for routing, creasing, kiss cutting, perforating, and more. The Zund Digital Die Cutter provides enormous flexibility, flawless cutting technology, low production costs and can accommodate a large variety of substrates in several thicknesses. However, although the Zund Digital Die Cutter allows for an enormous amount of individuality, giving clients the opportunity to realize their creative visions, it is designed to make only up and down cuts instead of angled cuts, which this project required.


SOLUTION | Once the client approved the model, GSB Digital’s prepress team began production, gluing nine layers of 1/2″ Sintra board in a side by side fashion to create an angled sheet with a high and low point. These sheets were cut into 850 separate wedges, but because The Zund Digital Die Cutter relies on register marks on a flat object to determine where to cut, the finished wedges were stacked at opposite (high to low) ends to become a rectangular wedge with a piece of acrylic mirror adhered between them. As the Zund cut through the rectangular blocks, the top set of wedges was discarded, while the bottom, acrylic sections, remained. These mirrored wedges were glued seamlessly together, and the completed sign was mounted to a plexiglass background. In the window-filled Manhattan office space, the finished sign was hung with floor to ceiling wire mounting under special lighting, creating a stunning visual centerpiece.
Project Type: Acrylic Signage
Release Date: June 2015
Technologies Used: HP Indigo, Zund Digital die-cutter
Media: Acrylic

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