Privacy Film For Windows or any Glass Surface:
Custom Designed to Beautify Your Space

As glass becomes a common architectural component in modern commercial buildings like medical facilities and corporate offices, the need for privacy film for windows and glass distraction markers is increasing. Glass allows for the transmission of natural light and promotes cohesion and a collaborative environment. However, it can also be a liability and can feel stark if not paired with glass privacy film graphics.

GSB Digital is well versed in privacy glass solutions and offers stylish ways to beautify, brand, and add decorative privacy window films to your office windows and glass surfaces. As a local New Yorker, we are also very familiar with the New York law on distraction safety markers on glass for commercial buildings and can provide custom privacy window films that are beautiful and up to code.

Our privacy glass solutions range from the standard conference room glass frosting to custom printed decorative privacy window films. We offer many patterns and gradients in any color.
If you’re looking for a simple frosted, etched or stained glass appearance for your space try a sample from our 3M catalogue of pre-designed privacy films for windows. In need of something more specific? We provide custom high-quality glass privacy film printing services to our clients. Our privacy window film printing is 100% optically clear in unprinted areas and appears clear on the applied glass. Incorporate your logo or other branded design elements or phrases to create an aesthetically pleasing and attractive work environment.

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Custom Privacy Films for Windows are a Great Fit For:

  • Interior décor
  • Corporate branding and office spaces
  • Conference room privacy
  • Retail store applications
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Environmental graphics

Benefits of Privacy Film for Windows

There are many benefits of using glass privacy films, ranging from aesthetics to economics.

Beautify Your Space
The options are endless when it comes to designing your glass privacy film. Our quality custom window film and innovative printing techniques give us a unique advantage and allows for completely customizable window graphics to take your office or space to the next level.

decorative privacy window films

Create Privacy
Glass Finishes are highly versatile. Consider using privacy film for windows to communicate messages in unexpected ways, or make small areas feel larger. Quick and easy to apply, our privacy glass solutions add privacy without sacrificing light.

Comply with Safety Laws
In New York, Decorative Safety Markers for glass are required to keep people from walking into them. But these vinyl graphics or office glass film designs don’t have to be boring. With our custom-designed distraction graphics, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. Complement your space by adding a visible distraction to glass that can match decor, interact with natural light, and integrate company logos.

Reflect Heat
Block as much as 75% of the sun’s heat coming through your windows and doors, and control the temperatures in your office more effectively.

Block UV Rays and Save Energy
Natural light is extremely beneficial for mental and physical health, but when you block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, you avoid putting yourself and staff in danger. By blocking the sun’s rays and reflecting heat, you’ll use less energy, which saves you money and alleviates stress on your heating and cooling systems.

Reduce Glare
With the increase in the use of technology, eye strain is a real problem in the office. Decrease eye strain when you use a custom privacy window film printing. Custom designed gradients, shades or fades that can be used to control light and glare, while enhancing the aesthetics of the environment.

Innovate Your Conference Rooms or Meeting Space
Our whiteboard conference room window films can turn any glass surface into a writable, erasable canvas. Our safety films can protect from break ins and our one-way vision films can provide messaging and visibility all-in-one. These products can be used in a variety of ways to expand your creative possibilities and innovate your space.


The Best Privacy Film for Doors and Windows from an Award-Winning Printer

If you’re searching for the right decorative privacy window films or custom privacy window films, look no further. Our team will ensure you get the exact product you need to customize the glass surfaces in your space. Custom privacy window film can have a great impact on the privacy and design of your office and increase the aesthetics of your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the best office glass privacy film or other privacy solutions for windows so you can increase privacy without compromising on design.

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Who Are We?

GSB Digital is an award-winning print service provider. We are limited only by the creativity of our clients. We constantly adapt and embrace new digital print technology for the bettering of our client’s businesses. We serve our clients through print and offer a wide variety of services, in addition to privacy film for windows and doors. If you have any questions about how custom privacy window film can be beneficial for your office or any of our other printing services, don’t hesitate to contact us.