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Ali Ha Booklets standard

Alison Haag Art Booklets For an upcoming art show, artist Allison Haag wanted to create memorable art booklets displaying her work as a take-home gift to her booth visitors.   Instead of settling for average flyers and brochures, she decided to showcase her art on mini, saddle-stitched booklets. Each page brings gives the recipient a glimpse into Allison's diverse collection of work, including fabric pieces and soft sculpture art. This particular series draws it's inspiration from her love of literature. As you flip through this booklet, you are able to see more details about each work of art; including the book from which she was inspired. The vibrant colors shine through each page as they showcase her beautiful work. HP Indigo's CMYK ...

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Client Spotlight: Mr. Boddington’s Studio Social Stationery standard

Mr. Boddington's Studio Social Stationery Mr. Boddington's Studio has been creating beautiful, custom social stationery with GSB Digital since 2011. Based here in NYC, Mr. Boddington's Studio uses inspiration from overseas travels, old world charm, and everyday events to design fun, imaginative pieces that their fans have grown to love. Thanks to creator Rebecca S. Ruebensaal and director Whitney Reeder, Mr. Boddington's Studio has transformed from a small operation into an innovative team of dedicated professionals; all with the help of eye-catching designs and digital printing. Over the years Mr. Boddington has expanded their reach past their Brooklyn roots; now they service clients from all over the world and can be found in retail stores all over the country. Mr. Boddington's ...

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A Closer Look at the Zünd Digital Die-Cutter standard

Our Zünd Digital Die-Cutter The Zünd Digital Die-Cutter uses the latest in digital print technology to create individual cut pieces in a fraction of the time of traditional printing methods. Using an electronic guide to maneuver the blade; the Zünd cuts with precision each piece without the need of an expensive sheet-metal die. Instead of relying on costly and time-consuming traditional die-cutting methods, our die-cutter creates original designs with ease in a fraction of the time. At GSB Digital, we use this revolutionary technology to create beautiful print on a variety of substrates; including gatorboard, vinyl, and acrylic. The possibilities are endless with the ability to create custom die-lines that can be easily swapped out if changes occur. Create boxes, ...

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Dscoop Phoenix 2017 standard

GSB Digital had the pleasure of attending HP's annual Dscoop conference this year in Phoenix, Arizona. Dscoop is one of the largest print technology showcases in the country, and this year GSB Digital was able to send four team members to learn about the latest in digital printing technology.   In addition to attending the events, we submitted two printed pieces for consideration the HP Annual Inkspiration Awards. Our clear vinyl holiday card and digitally printed notebooks were displayed in front of hundreds of printing industry professionals and designers and received many positive responses. GSB Digital is always looking for new, progressive ways to provide more for our clients, and Dscoop provided the perfect place to learn more about what is ...

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Good Neighbor Queens Decor Print Decor standard

Good Neighbor Queens Decor Print Decor Recently, local service-minded Long Island City grocer Good Neighbor Queens sought after the help of GSB Digital to update their space with print decor for an upcoming spotlight photo-shoot. Their focus on community improvement, local sourcing, and quality cuisine has brought their business an ever-increasing stream of publicity- so updates to their facility's appearance were necessary. While their space is small, the ceilings are high and their space is filled with natural light; providing the perfect backdrop for their fresh, local produce and prepared foods options. Good Neighbor Queens wanted to take advantage of their open space and use it to promote their brand and create an attraction that would draw in new customers ...

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