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The marketing power of packaging has proven itself time and time again. The most popular brands make frequent alterations to the look of their products, whether those changes reflect seasonal themes (think Reese’s Trees, Eggs, and Hearts for Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day), new versions of an existing product, or an attempt to renew interest through a new look.  Five hundred units or more is the standard for packaging production, but some companies aren’t ready to make such a definitive commitment. Short-run print production provides a solution. With the technology available today, offering personalized or limited-edition packaging is easier than ever. Consider short-run packaging as a beneficial solution for your business needs.  In this article, you’ll learn about the potential applications and benefits of short-run packaging. 

Prototyping to Assess Design & Functionality 

Short-run printing provides the ability to prototype new branding ideas without committing to a larger financial investment. Even the most detailed 3D renderings won’t offer you the hands-on experience your clients will have with your product. See your design printed and installed, test its reception with your target market, and make adjustments as needed. This ensures that each of your customers is left with an ideal impression. 


Short run packaging production utilizing on-demand print technology is considerably more cost-efficient than large-scale commercial printing, not to mention printing only what is necessary removes the need for inventory space. Read more about producing with on-demand digital printing here.

A/B Testing & Personalization 

If you’re unfamiliar with A/B testing, it involves testing customer responses to two versions of a single variable. With short-run production, you can test the effectiveness and response to your packaging without incurring steep costs. Print two versions of your packaging, and allow a small test group to provide feedback. You can make final alterations to the design and utilize the feedback before committing to a design.

Limited-Edition Packaging 

Seasonal or limited-edition packaging provides an excellent opportunity to try short-run print production. Offering limited-edition packaging gives your customers a sense of urgency, anticipation, and exclusivity, making it an effective marketing tool. The nature of seasonal packaging increases the perceived value of the product, as it seems more like a collector’s item than its standard alternative. Take advantage of the resources available to make your packaging unique and eye-catching. You can add unique shapes to your packaging and customize its structure utilizing our Zund digital die-cutter. Add dimension using traditional engraving and embossing, and create textures and tactile effects with digital embellishing . Incorporate elements of your corporate identity to reinforce your branding and increase your recognition factor.  GSB Digital can help you produce short-run packaging with our custom solutions designed to meet your print needs. Utilizing our hybrid digital and traditional print solutions, you’re limited by nothing but your creativity.  Ready to get started? Contact our experts >>
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