GSB Digital Wins Award Thanks to Technology


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Award Winning Technology

For over 25 years, GSB Digital’s mission has been to offer sophisticated technologies and techniques that make your print communications unique. Rooted in passion and innovation, we produce print pieces that refuse to blend in. When planning our holiday gifts, we decided to create a desktop calendar that merged the familiar with the technology of today.

Everyone has seen a calendar product before, so we needed to make something that people would be proud to display on their desks. In the end, we created 575 distinct calendars by utilizing HP’s SmartStream Mosaic technology. The Mosaic technology enabled randomized variations of the calendars’ imagery, which resulted in all 575 calendars being unique to each recipient.

“Custom graphics are an impactful way to elevate consumers’ views of a brand and its products. The Mosaic desktop calendars were not only a way to produce a unique product but also show our clients the possibilities of print,” said GSB Digital Marketing Manager Jessica Andersen. “They were teaching tools as much as they were keepsakes, and our goal from the beginning was to maximize impact. Thanks to HP’s technology, we were able to do exactly that.”

We were thrilled with the final product and so was the print industry. GSB Digital was awarded a 2018 HP Inkspiration Award in the Custom Products category. At Dscoop’s annual conference earlier this week, 16 awards were presented to 13 HP customers and designers in multiple categories. Nearly 200 submissions were entered in the competition, and GSB Digital is thrilled to have been named one of the 13 winners.

“Being recognized for our work is an honor, and I’m thrilled with this project’s success,” said GSB Digital President Stephan Steiner. “It could not have happened without HP’s digital print technology. Today’s consumers look for something new, and the feedback we heard from those who received a calendar was overwhelmingly positive. This recognition mixed with our passion for print motivates us to continue creating and thinking outside the box.”

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