New Year Marketing Resolutions


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2017 has just begun, and with it brings in new possibilities and opportunities to make your marketing plan shine this year. Don’t finish your New Year’s Resolutions list without adding these marketing and promotion tips to make this your best year yet.

Create a Plan

The most important step is to make a clear, defined plan of your marketing goals. Will you write more blog posts on the company website? Spend more on social media? Create a door-to-door mail campaign? Find what steps are right for your business and the market you want to reach, then write them down. Once you’ve written them down, place them above your computer or by your phone so you can see them every day; the more you see them, the more likely they are to be completed!

Customize, Customize, Customize

According to recent studies by Venture Beat,  over 80% of marketers aren’t personalizing their campaigns effectively. How can you beat the competition and focus more on your customer’s experience in 2017? Variable Data Printing. Variable Data Printing (VDP) makes customizing printed advertising easier than ever before. Simply provide a list of names and an idea to create a memorable piece that boosts business. Here’s an example of how Juliska, a high-end tablewear designer, used VDP to make their clients feel appreciated during the Holiday season here.

Integrate Your Virtual and Physical Marketing Efforts

Bringing together your virtual presence with printed marketing maximizes your audience reach with each campaign. Studies show that online companies who invest in print campaigns increase their credibility, build trust, and connect in a new way to their customers. Leave limiting yourself to only print or online marketing in 2016; this is the year to start reaching your maximum potential.

Think Big

Technology continues to provide new opportunities for marketers to create unique customer experiences, so challenge yourself to use these innovations in your advertising. Dreaming of using live-streaming to capture your audience’s attention? Use new technology to make it possible. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this year; with each new innovation take advantage of all the benefits it offers your business. See how our newest print technology has helped our customers succeed with their print campaigns here.

Keep Your Brand the Center

Branding your business takes time, effort, and commitment to stay true to your company’s values and presentation. Use the new year to ensure all of your marketing efforts are displaying the same message to customers. Don’t let presentation take a back seat this year- stick to a consistent marketing plan that displays the best your company provides. One way to ensure a cohesive presentation to clients is by ensuring all print collateral meets your company’s guidelines. Nothing ruins a company’s appearance like mismatched fonts, fuzzy logos, and completely different business card designs. See how to streamline your business’s presentation with a customized online print website through GSB Digital here.

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