Short-Run Packaging – A Multifaceted Marketing Solution for Your Business

The marketing power of packaging has proven itself time and time again. The most popular brands make frequent alterations to the look of their products, whether those changes reflect seasonal themes (think Reese’s Trees, Eggs, and Hearts for Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day), new versions of an existing product, or an attempt to renew interest through a new look.  Five hundred units or more is the standard for packaging production, but some companies aren’t ready to make such a definitive commitment. Short-run print production provides a solution. With the technology available today, offering personalized or limited-edition packaging is easier than ever.

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Side Piece Puzzles

Side Piece Puzzles is a family business based out of both Jersey City, NJ, and Pittsburg, PA. Having assembled puzzles together during holidays since they were kids, two brothers were inspired to begin designing and developing their own unique jigsaw puzzles. All their puzzles are hand-crafted from quality wood and designed with beautiful, eye-catching, and ironic imagery. To prepare for their Winter 2019 launch, the young family company recently reached out to GSB Digital in order to produce the packaging sleeves for their How to Escape from a Giant Octopus puzzle. The outer box and inner sleeve were both printed

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Printing samples displayed on ample showcase

PrintWISE: It’s a Wrap!

Our ongoing PrintWISE series serves to enlighten creative professionals through educational content on the capabilities and diversity of things like media, print applications, embellishments, and technologies used to distinguish print today. On August 22nd, GSB Digital hosted its fourth PrintWISE event, with a focus on “Crossover Print”. This event aimed to inspire creatives to elevate and diversify their brands and accommodate the demand for luxury in new ways without compromise by utilizing traditional and digital printing methods in tandem. Our guests were impressed by the unique pieces displayed on our sample showcase. Among those were beautifully designed digital packaging with

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Lumi candle packaging featuring Kota fabric

Katie Leede & Company Studio Candle Packaging

Katie Leede & Company Studio is a NYC based interior design firm that specializes in residential and boutique commercial design. The Studio has designed homes inspired by the beauty of the world since 2002. In 2008, they created an artisanal line of hand-printed and woven textiles inspired by founder and president Katie Leede’s travels around the globe. The demand for these textiles led the studio to release a collection of hand-printed wallpapers which have since been utilized in designing many office and lobby spaces. In efforts to continue to expand this line, Katie Leede & Co. is now launching beautiful

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The Inside Scoop on GSB Digital’s PrintWISE Event

PrintWISE is an ongoing series, aimed to enlighten creatives in the NYC marketplace on the ever-changing digital printing industry. On August 23rd, GSB Digital hosted our third PrintWISE event, this time focusing on digital packaging & dimensional display. It was a memorable night connecting creatives, packaging designers, brand consultants, marketers, and other print enthusiasts. Attendees were informed how digital printing has enhanced the packaging industry, allowing for innovative short-run solutions. In an industry where cost efficiency and speed-to-market is crucial, short-run solutions can enhance the prototyping and personalized packaging process. Guests explored GSB Digital’s sample showcase, which included uniquely designed

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